Why We Favor Peacefully Splitting the USA (Parts 1 and 2)

MARCH 20, 2018 This is the script for our first two videos, which are no longer available.

America is under Threat: We Need A Strategy for Passing on a Free Republic to the Next Generation

America has a unique pool of voters. Our votes have allowed America to become wealthier than any other populous country. Our votes protected freedom of thought and religion. But immigration dilutes this pool of voters.

Democrats will eventually retake control of Congress and the presidency, just like they did after 8 years of George W Bush. Then Democrats will be willing to do whatever it takes to prevent someone like Trump from winning another election.

When Democrats are in power again, they can give voting rights to so many foreigners that Republicans will never win another election again. They can rewrite laws to import as many millions as they want and make them US citizens. Hispanic illegal aliens favor Democrats over Republicans 8 to 1 according to www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2013/07/22/are-unauthorized-immigrants-overwhelmingly-democrats

Does the Constitution limit the number of foreigners that can get US citizenship? No. Not at all. Congress can give US citizenship to 20 million foreigners or 40 million or 100 million. Already, one third of all Salvadorans in the world live in America, and most of those already have US citizenship.

Before the 1990s, California was a solid red state that never voted for a Democrat for president besides LBJ. But millions of illegal aliens were given amnesty in 1986 and then California’s legislature became half Democrat which caused gridlock. Gridlock convinced the voters to choose a savior named Schwarzenegger. But he was only one man and he couldn’t convince millions of voters to become Republicans. In America, up to a million more foreigners get the right to vote each year. Now California is the 2nd most liberal state in America. It voted for Hillary 2 to 1 over Trump.

In America, Democrats have been ahead since Trump took office- 9 points ahead as of March 2018. This shouldn’t surprise you because it matches the 9 point spread in party identification. 54% of registered voters identify as Democrat or lean Democrat, only 45% lean Republican. Electing Carter, Bill Clinton, and Obama is what you would expect with the voters we have. After 8 years of a Democrat president, people started blaming everything on Democrats. But the opposite will happen during 8 years of Trump, just like they did after 8 years of George Bush. Republicans can’t keep the Democrats out of power for more than 8 years in a row. https://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/other/2018_generic_congressional_vote-6185.html

Obama spent $2 billion to win the presidency. Then after Trump won, George Soros donated $18 billion to his leftist organization. This money will be spent to keep conservatives out of power. Imagine how much Soros will bequeath at his death!

This republic is not Ronald Reagan’s America anymore. Tens of millions of foreigners have immigrated since then. In the last 25 years, America has never given many electoral votes to Republicans. Trump got lucky because he won Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin by less than one percent. But a million foreigners have been given US citizenship since then.

Without one of those states, we would have had 3 Democrat presidential terms in a row. And every year the greatest generation dies and another crop graduates from leftist universities.

Do you want your children’s future to be dependent on the kind of federal judges we’ve been getting? 5 out of 9 Judges on the Supreme Court were chosen by Republicans. Imagine how bad it will get when most of them are chosen by Democrats.

Let’s give up on the idea that we have the power to always keep the Democrats out of power, and let’s work to do something that is within our power, to solve the problem. I’m tired of complaining and false hope. I want a solution to the problem.

For two centuries, conservatives haven’t been numerous or powerful enough to keep Democrats out of Office. Despite our best efforts America chose Bill Clinton twice and Obama twice. We tried persuasion, we tried education, but the liberals did also and politics is like a religion to them.

America keeps moving to the Left. Many issues that Trump is addressing leave some of Obama’s legacy in place. Even when Republicans win, we only reverse some of the Left’s gains. Even when our coalition wins DC, conservatives are not in control because conservatives are a minority in the USA. If we do nothing, we will be under the iron grip of Leftists forever.

So what can we do?

You know conservatives are a majority in the red states. Now let me ask you: Would you rather live in a huge socialist country or in a country that is not socialist but is a little smaller?

Now think about this. Would merging with Mexico and France make America stronger or weaker? We wouldn’t want to merge with Mexico because Mexicans don’t vote for good leaders. And that’s why we shouldn’t want to be in a union with California or NYC either.

I want you to see that the bad voters of the blue states actually make us weaker. We wouldn’t want to merge with Canada because they are a bunch of liberals who would block true conservatives from winning elections. But that’s the same thing that the blue states are already doing: today conservatives have to make a coalition with non conservatives to win a national election. Blue state territory is not worth it because it comes with bad voters.

When we split the USA into two separate countries, our new country gets half the military and half the federal debt. Our conservative policies will make our economy grow faster than ever. Our country of red states would still be plenty big because Half the US military is all we need to defend the homeland and to keep the sea lanes open and defend Israel. We don’t need to be big enough to rebuild foreign countries, we just need to be big enough to punish them.

Some say splitting the USA into two separate countries is too drastic, but it is the only peaceful way to drastically reduce the number of Democrats voting in our elections and keep permanent control of immigration policy.

To avoid iron-fisted rule by the Left we must prevent Democrats from ever again importing voters to outvote us. Splitting the USA can do that. Getting rid of the RINOs can’t do that because Trump’s base is a minority. A revival of States’ rights can’t do that because states are not in charge of immigration. New laws can’t do that because laws can be repealed. Even amending the Constitution can’t do that because blue states are not willing to ratify an amendment that blocks immigration or reduces the power of Democrats. Even a Convention of States requires ¾ of the states to ratify the amendments. Besides, Democrats ignore the Constitution already.

John Adams said “Our Constitution was made only for a Moral and Religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

Another civil war is not a solution because the Democrat survivors would still vote after the war. A civil war wouldn’t change the balance of power unless tens of millions of American citizens die from one party. It’s unlikely that you could spark a political movement strong enough to get any army to do that to American citizens, when we haven’t even gotten the Army to deport illegals today.

There is no alternative to secession that will produce a sustainable republic of traditional values. We’ve already tried trying harder to win elections in the USA and it doesn’t always work. Changing voting rules is reversible. Deportation is reversible.

I’ve just proven conservatives can’t hold 50 states. Now you have a decision to make: do you want to lose 20 states or lose 50 states? How we react to this question will determine which one happens. I would rather have 30 states in the hands of the people, with freedom of religion, righteous judges, and financial solvency, than keep all 50 states together and watch them fall into the hands of the progressives.

God, we recognize that you established this nation to be a light. We repent on behalf of our generation that we have allowed this country to become like nations that don’t serve you. God, see the threats to this nation, and make a way for us to preserve a righteous remnant in this land. Let us not respond to fear with hate but rather with wise action. Let us not respond in hate but in obedience to your purpose for our nation.

Splitting the USA into 2 Countries is Practical and We can Do It

A nation of red states and a nation of blue states could relate to each other as the USA and Canada do. In 1776 British North America was divided between two countries, but we get along fine. We don’t have to care about who gets elected in Canada. We give each other space. We share rivers and an electrical grid with Canada, we trade with Canada, and some even commute to work in Canada. Every country in the world engages in international trade, so we don’t need to be self-sufficient.

We even get along OK with Mexico on our border even though it is becoming a failed state. Their votes don’t affect us too much.

Only 48% of Texans oppose secession if a Democrat is elected President. And that poll oversamples the ethnic group that supports secession less (anglos). Hispanic Texans support secession two-to-one over remaining in the USA. When Texas eventually leaves the Union, every other state will have to decide whether to stay or go. Without Texas, Republicans won’t be able to win national elections anymore. It will be better for the red states to join Texas than to remain with the blue states.

If the states negotiate a split of the USA, there is no need for war. Not many of us want to kill each other. Democrats are our beloved hippy uncles and our wayward daughters and cousins. No matter which side of the border you end up on, it’s much easier to move to the other side of the border than to wage war. We can still visit the other country as tourists. But the red states would not allow long-term immigration without a visa.

30 states voted for trump. Their population is 183 million. China has the biggest economy in the world now, but the Trump states would form the second largest economy, just like the USA is now. The Trump states have a higher average standard of living than the Hillary states because of the lower cost of living.

To predict which parts of USA would join Texas, we need to understand that the Declaration of Independence in 1776 declared that each colony was a free and independent country. After the Revolutionary War, the states created the federal government but the people of each state remained a sovereign polity. In the USA, states are the fundamental unit with sovereignty, so if a state legislature does not agree, a county can not split off peacefully and legally. I don’t really expect California, Illinois, or New York to allow counties to leave because the opposition party voters there are not numerous enough to be a nuisance to the party in control. But if we are lucky, maybe those states could split long before they realize the USA is starting to split up.

This map shows our prediction of the final borders of the new countries. It’s not wish list. It just shows how we believe states legislatures would act.

After Texas secedes and the USA starts splitting, states where Trump barely won or barely lost would let certain counties split off to avoid unrest and to strengthen the position of the party in control of the state legislature in that state. For example, Washington and Oregon might realize it’s difficult to hold onto their eastern halves and let them hold a referendum on secession. That would allow the western halves to have more progressive government. But Oregon is unlikely to allow southwest Oregon to split off because it will want to keep a land route to California within the blue state country. So that means that the only red state ports on the Pacific will be in Alaska and Guam, and along the Columbia River in eastern Oregon. eastern Washington, and even Idaho. But the Panama Canal has been expanded, and for the navy, Anchorage has a huge port that is ice-free year-around. The blue states wouldn’t dare to stop the flow of goods through their ports going to the red states because they need red state cooperation to ship things between blue states.
[Update: there is now a movement to convince Oregon to allow southern and eastern Oregon to join Idaho, so we uploaded our map above.]

If Arizona lets Tucson split off, it can provide a connection along interstate 8 and 10 from California to the Navajo Nation and Albuquerque and Denver.

I don’t know whether Texas would let southern Texas split off or not.

The blue state country would not be contiguous but that’s not too unusual. The USA is not contiguous either because of Alaska and Hawaii. Any nation that has islands is not contiguous.

The Great Lakes are international waters that connect to the Atlantic through the St Lawrence Seaway. I believe Michigan would split in half. Since Detroit along with Flint and Ann Arbor is across a river from Canada, Detroit might choose to ask Canada to become a province of Canada. Ohio is now a red state with or without Cleveland, but since Cleveland is on international waters, it might as well become a city-state like Miami would.

Neighboring states to Illinois have big blue cities on the border with Illinois that they could donate so that they can become solid red states. Pennsylvania would become a true red state just by letting the Philadelphia area (and Scranton and Allentown) go.

Minneapolis might choose to connect to Madison and Chicago, rather than to Canada in the north.

Look at how many people live in the Democrat areas at the Coasts. Some people say just let the West Coast secede. But that’s not enough to make our country conservative. Unfortunately, both Obama and Bill Clinton would have won both terms even without the West Coast because there are so many Democrats on the East Coast and in the rust belt. So we definitely need to secede from both coasts.

You’ve got to decide whether you want a big country or a conservative country because you can’t have both. The more territory you take, the more bad voters come with it. The only way to get a conservative republic is to get rid of Democrat voters. Some suggest simply taking the right to vote from Democrats or groups that are disproportionately Democrat. The problem with this is that if our ancestors weren’t based enough to avoid giving the right to vote to everyone, then our descendants will likely make the same mistake.

After the USA splits, some liberals and some people on welfare would choose to leave red states and some conservatives and entrepreneurs would leave the blue states. This means that any state that joins the red states will become redder.

This is based on a 2018 map, not the 2019 map shown

The beauty of this is that people who really care about the effects of public policy can move, but no US citizen has to move. No one knows what percentage of Hillary voters would leave the red states, or vice versa. But if 15% of red-state Hillary voters left the red states, and 15% of Blue state Trump voters left the Blue states, then every red state would be at least 62% Trump voters, and the blue states would become quite blue too. 6% of Americans each year move out of their county, so 15% is an underestimate.

If Michigan joins the red states and allows Detroit and Flint to join Canada or the blue states, then its remaining Trump voters would outnumber Hillary voters 2 to 1. And purple states controlled by Democrats like Colorado could let red counties split off and join us.

Splitting America is a win-win. Even with only 15% migration, a full 70% of America’s Republicans would be happily living in red states where we can control immigration and debt and have judges that love traditional values. A full 70% of Democrats would be happily living in blue states where they can explore the joys of gun control, socialism, and nationalized health care.

Even centrists would be happy because DC gridlock is preventing DC from solving the national debt crisis, the insolvency of Medicare and Social Security, and other problems.

I don’t believe a negotiated split of the USA would cause war. According to a Zogby poll, only 32% of Americans believe that the US government would be justified in using force to prevent secession! And the military is under civilian control. Those two facts alone indicate that if a state secedes, America isn’t going to attack it. If even the USSR let its republics secede, we’re sure the USA can let states secede. https://johnzogbystrategies.com/secessionist-sentiment-remains-a-plurality-among-likely-voters/

2018 is very different from 1861. After secession, neither country will practice slavery or Jim Crow. Neither country depends on the other to fund the treasury.

Neither country will attack Ft. Sumter. Tolerance for wartime casualties is far, far, far lower than 150 years ago. Today our relatives are more likely to live on the other side of the border.

The USA has no external threats that require a 50 state military. Each country could join NATO anyway.

Free trade agreements are now common; there is no need for a country to be self-sufficient in goods.

Use of territory is no longer the dominant economic activity. Today workers bring more income than land does.

Many countries have seceded peacefully; Czechoslovakia split into two countries amicably in 1993. This process began in July 1992 when the Slovak parliament declared independence. Quebec and Scotland had referendums but voted against it.

The good news is that in California, 44% of California Democrats said that they want California to secede. http://www.mercurynews.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/2017_01-trump-1-11.pdf They need your help. Yes California is at #CALEXIThttps://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1388579781425840 California secession provides a precedent that can be followed by the rest of the states. California will show that secession is possible and peaceful.

Texas is even more likely to become the first state to secede. The main Texas secession organization is the Texas Nationalist Movement at www.tnm.me You don’t have to be Texan to join!

Support Move Oregon’s Border at www.GreaterIdaho.org

See the script for our third video here:

God, lead us to action to enact a peaceful solution to the challenges our nation faces.

10 thoughts on “Why We Favor Peacefully Splitting the USA (Parts 1 and 2)

  1. “Half the US military is all we need to defend the homeland and to keep the sea lanes open and defend Israel.”

    Why does a supposedly “conservative” country need to defend Israel?

  2. I’m thinking that the red states will have more military volunteers, and the red state government will be more interested in funding the military. If the blue states were attacked I suspect that many in the red state military would want to help. (You know, male privilege (sarcasm)). The blue states might even end up like Europe and depend on the USA (red states) for much of their defense.

  3. America the Beautiful

    I also think it’s time for RED areas to peacefully say goodbye to the metro Blue areas, especially after they stole the election.

    We don’t need them, and we refuse to be ruled by them through fraud. Call is Amexit (America Exits)

    As far as our new country is concerned, I believe it should just be called “America.” We’ve always used that as shorthand anyway, and we all think of ourselves as Americans.

    It will also be a great opportunity to remake the constitution and federal laws to better reflect our judeo-christian values, while still enshrining freedom for all religions as well as the non-religious.

    I totally understand the compromises that had to be made with cities like NYC back in 1776 so that all the colonies could stand together against the UK, but after 250 years it’s time to let the cities go their own socialist way.

    We could even transition our military into more of a NATO like organization, with each new nation paying 2% of GDP towards continental defense, as well as dividing existing assets between the two nations based on some agreed to formula (in addition to physical location.)

    PS: I think your Red vs Blue map on your front page that you’re giving way too much of Nevada to the Blue, and more of California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado than the district map would seem to warrant.

    Besides that,

    By leaving the Metro cities to their own devices, they will devolve into a very socialistic society, while

  4. Edit: Besides that, by leaving the Metro cities to their own devices, they will devolve into a very socialistic society, so we’ll need to be ready for how to deal with how that will affect our new borders,



  5. There are plenty of people who were born in the US and are not “illegal immigrants” who did not like and did not vote for trump. It wasn’t “illegal immigrants” who voted trump out. Of course Democrats didn’t vote for trump in any significant numbers in 2020 and some repubs voted for Biden.
    However, because of the level of animosity and divisiveness present lately, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about separating the country so that each portion could live in peace within its own borders and by its own laws. I’m not sure why you say people from red states could visit blue states but people from blue states could not visit red states. Why would that be?
    While I think dividing up the country would probably be difficult until people moved to which area they wanted to live in, it seems like it might be easier to do that than it is to try and think both points of view can exist in harmony. It might just be easier to break it up.

  6. I’m super far left and I also agree that it’s time for a split. I’m designing it, actually. It wouldn’t be a full split, we’d still be under the US name for the sake of military defenses, to prevent water wars, management of indigenous land, etc. But essentially the two “federated districts” would adopt many federal government policies.

    I don’t want a war either. And, as against red policies as I am, it doesn’t make sense that Oklahoma farmers should be ruled by Boston billionaires. And the inverse of that is also true.

    I think a partition could really help. Many nations partitioned temporarily and, after testing out how their ideology worked on its own, a lot of them got back together peaceful and united. And others didn’t, but they were still living in a government they loved and supported.

  7. Yes it’s time to part ways. When you watch congress fighting so viciously its time for divorce. We can’t let them teach our children to hate good wholesome ideas. If they love satanic ways let them be. We pursue God’s way so they need to let us be. Wo to the nation that calls good evil and evil good.

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