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We are Christian social conservatives who live in the Yankee Midwest. We believe that conservative states in the US should preserve liberty and traditional values by seceding from the US and forming a loose federation. We believe that this could resolve the culture war. Or, if a civil war starts, “national divorce” could be the solution that ends a civil war.

An introduction to US secession is here:

After the first state secedes, other states will have to decide whether to join that state or remain in a Union that can no longer elect conservatives.The red states of America can form a loose federation that would allow the most conservative states to remain conservative. After secession, conservatives and entrepreneurs from other states would move in, and leftists and welfare queens would voluntarily tend to leave. After the migration, the red states could end all immigration from other states.

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The purpose of this site is not to promote violence but to predict how the Right will avoid eternal rule by the Left on this continent.