Why we favor Peacefully Splitting the USA (Part 3)

Splitting the USA into 2 Countries can PREVENT Civil War and

The Future for a Red-State Country is better than a Future Without Splitting

MARCH 24, 2018·

If America keeps going the way it’s been going, the right to act according to one’s Christian conscience, and freedom of speech and religion, won’t be allowed in the USA any more than it is today in Canada or the UK. The Left is forcing the pace of change of social norms to the point that we are in danger of something like Chairman Mao’s Cultural Revolution.

The national debt is almost large enough to cause investors to be reluctant to lend to the federal government, which would cause our interest payments to become outrageously expensive.


Government is about justice. Partisanship is not just about policy. It’s about the basic values and structures of our social order. The increase in partisanship in America reflects increasing differences in worldview: differences in beliefs about reality and purpose and whose view of justice is correct. Increasingly Americans ascribe to one of two fundamentally different systems of justice, morality, worldview, and religion. In the past, Americans had Christianity in common, or at least a culture based on Christian principles. Now a separate culture based on cultural Marxism taught in universities and promoted in corporate media is moving farther and farther away from the traditional culture. Our political goals are opposite.

Everyone who graphs twitter interactions or shows which blogs link to each other finds that there are only two political groupings there, and they don’t talk to each other much. There are hardly any centrists. So dividing the country by ideology would not disappoint the centrists, since people who call themselves centrists are actually a member of one group or the other.

Over the last 25 years, American politics has become regional again like it became before the American Civil War. Republicans or Democrats win more and more counties by 50 percentage points or more.

One group is tied to tradition and the unchanging Bible. The other group is following the fads of psychology wherever they lead. This graph shows how polarized our country has become. In the 50s, Americans agreed with each other on most issues so Democrats were almost as willing as Republicans to like Eisenhower. Since their culture broke free from traditional culture in the 60s, it has moved farther and farther from traditional culture each decade and will continue to do so. Every decade since then, people in each party have rejected the decisions of the other party more and more completely. As the Bible says, “An unjust man is an abomination to the righteous, but one whose way is straight is an abomination to the wicked” (Proverbs 29:7).

The biggest source of stress in Americans’ lives today is the future of our nation. We really are in a crisis, and the status quo will not hold. Liberal judges have allowed the federal government to take so many powers for itself that it has become one of the most important things in peoples’ lives. It shouldn’t be that way.

Now both sides see the other as evil now. Neither side wants to compromise with evil, they want to destroy or at least sabotage evil. So we can no longer compromise or be a loyal opposition. Since they really believe the other party’s candidate is literally Hitler, than the ends justify the means.

Americans don’t even feel FREE in America anymore, which is core to our national identity and purpose. I don’t know how much more armed Americans will take.

TRUST in government and media in America is lower than in any of the 27 other countries surveyed. We don’t have paper ballots anymore and election machine hacking has been proven to be easier than expected. Would you have believed Hillary if she had claimed to win despite reports of massive hacking and fraud? Lack of trust could easily have caused war if both candidates claimed to win, and it could happen at the next election.

That’s why we believe that a negotiated split of the USA is less likely to lead to civil war over the next two decades than the status quo. A former colonel whose job was to determine which countries in the world would break up realized that our country is first on the list. He listed other events that could cause civil war: impeachment of Trump, especially if he refuses to recognize the impeachment, or racial attacks, incompetence of a president during a war, possibly leading to a military coup, terrorist attack, bioweapons, a gun confiscation law etc.

This is why we believe that a NEGOTIATED SPLIT is the ONLY THING that will PREVENT VIOLENT CIVIL STRIFE

WHY the Future for a Red-State Country is better than a Future Without Splitting

We showed in the previous essay that conservatives aren’t numerous enough in the USA to hold 50 states. So we should settle for the 30 red states that can still maintain, for generations: a free republic with free speech freedom to religion, low taxes, and an economic future that doesn’t involve national bankruptcy. If we split the country, the red states would eliminate socialism and reduce welfare, so liberals and dependents would move out and entrepreneurs would move in. Even in the next generation, migration would continue and make every state in the red-state country more conservative than they’ve been for awhile. This effect would prevent states from switching from one country to the other.

Some say we can keep 50 states if we just get rid of the RINOs in the Republican Party. But that would make the Republican party too SMALL to keep 50 states because 37% of Republican voters are liberal or moderate. Also, conservatives might have a harder time winning independent voters than RINOs do.

But if we settle for 30 states, we don’t need the RINOs. Imagine Republican primaries without blue states. If the USA had split that way before these elections, Hillary-state Republicans would never have been able to get John McCain or Mitt Romney nominated for the Trump-state country. Huckabee and Santorum won most of the Trump-state primaries.

And neither Bill Clinton nor Obama won the majority of the Trump states. Imagine how different our country would be if we had never had a President Bill Clinton or Obama. We might have a Protestant on the Supreme Court right now!

Our corporations and schools move left to avoid lawsuits from the Left litigated in Leftist federal courts. That’s how the left changes our culture. The gay agenda Transgenderism / Loss of religious liberty and freedom of speech / Loss of federalism on abortion issue / Refusal to allow Trump to slow immigration. Before we could wrap our heads around same-sex marriage, BAM! We had to justify why we wanted single sex showers and camp dorms and why we don’t want to fund sex change operations for soldiers! These weren’t even controversial two years ago.

If you follow non-corporate news such as the Christian Post or the Daily Signal, you know that religious liberty in the US is under threat. You know that it has already been lost in countries such as Canada and the UK, where progressives have a majority of the voters. You know that Christians are persecuted and killed in Muslim and Communist countries. And you know that liberal judges are sabotaging our country.

The only thing that holds our states in a Union is their agreement to the terms of the Constitution. But now some liberal federal judges aren’t even pretending to follow any form of the Constitution, as was proven by William Alsupp when he ruled that the President we elected shall not stop operating an illegal program called DACA. Recently a federal judge ruled that our president shall not stop forcing the Little Sisters of Mercy to pay for abortions through Obamacare.

So I hope you can see that the future for a red-state country is better than a future without splitting. A nation of red-states would never elect a president who would nominate liberal judges, or elect a congress that would bankrupt its nation.

3 thoughts on “Why we favor Peacefully Splitting the USA (Part 3)

  1. Hello, I strongly feel that if President Trump is not re-elected, that the only recourse for Christian conservatives is to sucede from the union and become a separate country. The Liberials are hell bent on trying to control and dominate the American people, and I feel it is time to establish a separate constitutional country where we as Christians and conservatives can live in peace and prosperity without the evil left trying to push their false god and believes on us. From a fellow Christian and conservative, Perry

  2. The coming of Trump has helped me get much closer to my true values. At my core, I feel morally-bound to insist on free speech, non-violent political expression, and the primacy of honest elections. I have a deep sense of loss because I no longer feel respect for former friends who call my champion and his supporters “racist.” I feel that I am one of an oppressed class, subject to bitter social discrimination and threat of physical aggression should I speak freely or even wear the wrong hat.

    This is just plain not right. Nor is the Hater dismissal of Antifa-violence and the killing of viable infants right. Something is vastly different between me and them, and I have tried very hard to talk it out.

    As I have tried—and failed— to sustain respectful conversations with persons who clearly hate President Trump, I have found most equally loud and uninformed. They have no idea about the well-documented, massive failure of the Obama public schools program. They have little concept of what went wrong in Ukraine, Syria, Libya, nor how Trump has not repeated mistakes. Foreign laborers here or abroad are never considered as an influence on American wages, only in the context of racism via border enforcement. They have no facts to refute natural gas as an environmental positive, or forest management to prevent fires—just strong denunciations.

    The Haters can be nice people, but it is no use talking with them because they are controlled by massive propaganda. Their digital feed targets especially the part of the brain stimulated by anger and fear. They are enslaved by forces beyond their comprehension and certainly their control.
    To avoid becoming like them— and especially for the sake of our children and grandchildren—we are obligated to separate.

    The 2020 election proved that America is broken irretrievably. But amazingly, a good half remain free of mind. With courage and hard work, we shall continue the original quest for One Nation, Under God, with Liberty and Justice for All.

    Woody McGinnis MD

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