What Do We Do Now?

To Those Who Thought Trump Wouldn’t Give Up

To Q followers and other optimists: you were right to believe that Trump had the power to prevail. But he chose not to use it. You were right to believe that at least half of US voters support Trump. 

The problem was that the media is powerful, and Trump doesn’t want to rock the boat because of the empire his family owns. He was surrounded by bad advisors.

The lesson from this loss is not that the Right will never win. The lesson is that the Right is no longer powerful enough to have its way over the blue states. The solution is to split the US so that the Right can restore normalcy in the red states, especially in the reddest states of the future red-state federation.   

Why did Republican politicians allow the Left to steal the presidency?

Why did they give in? Yes, our politicians in particular are weak. But there’s more than that.

Normal Americans are asking why it’s wrong to stick up for election integrity.  That they ask this question shows that they are allowing their perceptions of the moral stance of Democrat media to serve as their perception of what society says is moral. This is why conservatives spend twice as much time consuming media per day as compared to leftists. They are have to consume conservative opinion to reassure themselves that they aren’t crazy to reject the official narrative coming from the moral arbiters of media that used to be considered consensus centrist.

Politicians are very aware that the moral stance of the Democrat media is different from the moral stance of society in general.  But they know that if they cross the Democrat media on an issue that it cares about, they’ll have a P.R. price to pay, which will hurt their chances in the next election.

The power of the media was in full display recently. Not only did it convince almost half of voters to vote against Trump, but it moved quickly to make the fraudulent results seem like a fait accompli. They made the future presidency of Biden seem like the status quo.

We can’t tolerate a country where the Democrat media is serving as the moral arbiter of our society because this will bring moral disaster. It’s already a disaster, but it can get far worse. In other words, the main problem with our country would be reversed if we just reversed the ownership of some of the six corporations that own almost all the Democrat media, which is the mainstream media. But that would take money.

In the current media environment, the Right has difficulty taking dramatic action that would score a major win. We are so weak we haven’t even convinced the country to inaugurate the man who really won the presidential election.

All of this would be very different in a federation of red states, because red states could use government power to stop Leftist lies in the media, for national security reasons, as we’ve described in our previous articles

What do we do now?

But how can we even secede in a media environment like this? Some will feel hopeless, but we still got half the votes in November. There are still half the voters who rejected the message of the Democrat media. In the red state federation, they will outnumber the Dems more than two to one

We discuss how to work for secession at the county level, despite media pressure, here.  We explained some benefits of splitting the US here.  

Is there any point in resisting, now that Trump has said he will give the presidency to Biden? Well, you’re going to resist when Biden signs horrible bills, aren’t you?  Don’t postpone your resistance. Don’t wait for the Dems to push bad policies. Our moral authority is highest when we are fighting for our sovereignty – the right of The People to choose their president. Fighting Dem policies just makes you look like you are fighting about a disagreement over policies. Our focus should be on the illegitimacy of the federal government, according to the will of the voters as expressed through their ballots.

As long as the Right is perceived as harmless, politicians will continue to feel more pressure from the Left than from the Right. Politicians are weather vanes. Our votes are stolen, and media doesn’t carry our message, so we have no other voice. People could organize a protest at the home of an official who helped steal the election or who chose not to do their duty to protect the will of the voters. However there is a law against intimidating federal officials or protesting at judges’ homes.

As long as there was a chance that politicians would stand up to stop the stealing of the election, militias held back. They didn’t bring weapons to DC on Jan 6 because they hoped a peaceful demonstration would encourage Pence to not open envelopes from fraudulently chosen electors. When that didn’t happen, they forced their way into the Capitol building to try to make their voice heard and delay the fraudulent proceedings.

27 thoughts on “What Do We Do Now?

    1. Start a movement in your community. There are like-minded patriots who desire independence from the fascist Left. Don’t wait for a secular savior. Be the hero.

  1. Im wonderingif yesterday was the Boston Massacre or Lexington and Concord. How do we push for Red States like Idaho to secede?

    1. you can support the greater Idaho movement http://www.greateridaho.org Also You could write a letter to the editor in response to a dumb editorial that came out in Idaho a couple days ago. Nowadays, the money for Social Security checks comes from taxpayers, not from some vast federal savings account. https://magicvalley.com/opinion/columnists/inside-politics-secessionist-idaho-let-freedom-ring/article_7661d38c-67e1-5136-989c-72958daf58cd.html

  2. Federal Secession is not the answer.
    It leaves the TERRITORY divided and weak.
    How do you deal with in-state military bases? How do you RAISE a military?

    COUNTY SECESSION is the answer. Look at all the Red Counties.

    Make a new state.
    Outlaw both the DNC and GOP.
    Set Term Limits.
    Set an in-state Electoral System for Governor and Senate elections so big counties can’t turn Blue.
    Keep your tax revenues.
    Get two new Senators in Congress (with a new party designation)
    Tear away Electoral Votes from dominant, corrupt Blue Cities.
    Cut the Blue Cities off and deprive them of business/taxes, etc.

    Only THEN can we start to re-build this nation.

    1. This makes no sense. Federal judges will block almost everything you advocate unless we secede from the federal system. And it’s been a long time since a conservative office holder ignored a federal judge’s ruling so I’m not expecting any nullification.

    2. Both state Secession and in-state partition (along Red county contiguous regions) are doable if there is alignment with a mass of of other Secession entities.

  3. An essay I wrote on the subject today

    Reflections on January Sixth’s triumph in The War of the Spirit:

    Someone Crossed the Rubicon, but it wasn’t Trump, it was us.

    We struck a mighty blow against the Enemy which has reverberated around the globe and will be remembered into the indefinite and infinite future. All we have to do now is walk the path to victory with discipline and we win.

    What is the path?

    Destroy the GOP by primarying all of them who aren’t fighters starting Spring 2022, and if we lose torpedo the cuck in the general – not by “staying home” but by voting for a third party that is moving towards Partition. The GOP, which cannot win anyway, will have even their HOPE of going back to politics as usual also taken from them, and then our folks will know there is nothing left to do but fight, then we win.

    Digital separation as a prelude to political separation – get off all Enemy platforms and build our own. This shouldn’t really take all that long. Thedonald.win and Parler proved this. Never let the Enemy control your means of communication.

    Pursue the legal path to Partition

    A) Supreme Court case overturning Texas v White

    B) Constitutional Amendment allowing secession: 75% in favor in one election, or 2/3rds in favor over 2 elections, or a majority in favor over 3 elections, at the state level, conducted by petition or legislature every 2 years alongside Congressional Elections each November.

    C) A Convention of States where we use the convention to split up the country rationally.

    D) A Senate treaty where the US cedes territory to an organization representing our new nation, and which has the terms of Partition enclosed.

    E) An appeal to the UN Treaty and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which the US is signatory to and which the US is actively using to split up other countries around the world.

    The Enemy will never agree to our freedom, but the peaceful and legal campaign outlined above will strengthen the new state and lead the way to a General Strike (backed by credible force) which will force them to give up.

    With our allies from all other races and nations, ban AI, robotics and transhumanism then continue the Indo-European Expansion into space.

    That is what January 6th showed. They saw a premonition of the future. They saw a prelude to our victory. That is why they are howling and calling for blood and we are elated!

    I promised a short, salutary fight, now a longer one awaits: 4 to 16 years – as God wills.

  4. Long story short in reply to your essay: this is a war of the spirit, guns are not helpful at this time.

    Primary any GOP who is not a fighter. If our candidate loses, we support our third party that supports Partition in the fall.

    To run two candidates in all elections in America requires 1,041,000 candidates. They don’t have to actively run, just put their name on a ballot.

    Best case, we turn the GOP into a Partition party, second best case we destroy them and then our Partition party becomes the second largest party in America. Then we are on the door step of victory. 4 to 16 years.

  5. “In other words, the main problem with our country would be reversed if we just reversed the ownership of some of the six corporations that own almost all the Democrat media, which is the mainstream media. But that would take money.”

    I think the New York Times has been owned by the Sulzberger family since 1896, so it will not be for sale. And any new media outlet that starts getting popular is prone to be bought out by one of the six families, which are more interested in power than in money.

    But if we can get our own state, these problems can be simply solved by anti-trust laws requiring that newspapers all must be locally owned, and no family or company can own more than some percentage as specified by law.

    In the meantime, having our own websites, such as this one, is an important step. Everybody should anticipate being deplatformed, and be as technically literate as possible in order to use our own infrastructure.

    And if we can, we should support friendly local politicians and groups. Things will not get better until we make them better. 🙂

  6. We conservatives must get organized now! I watch Fox News and listen to conservative radio nonstop. The only way for us conservatives to take our country back is succession. I am convinced of it. This country has been ruined by the liberal mainstream media and corrupt politicians. Tell your church group about red state secession.org. If you don’t have a church group start by telling your friends and family. Just dedicate 20 minutes a day to helping red state secession.org. The secession movement will spread like wildfire and our states can separate. I want to leave my children and grandchildren the same free Republic and prosperous Christian country in which I grew up.

  7. Peaceful secession (political separation/segregation) would be like an amicable divorce when irreconcilable differences make cohabitation impossible. Unfortunately, most divorces are not amicable, but thankfully, some are… usually for the sake of the children. In the case of secession, the “children” are the future generations. The question is, will the ‘parents’ – in this analogy the political left and right – do what is morally best for everyone’s benefit? This is possible but unlikely because too much rancor and contempt has evinced over the past few years.

    1. ‘In the case of secession, the “children” are the future generations.’

      Man, this is a good point. And it’s a good point, because it’s a true point.

      Secession will be a long, drawn-out process, taking years even in the best case.

      But it will leave a much better world for our children and grandchildren.

      Now, i’m ambivalent about the ‘divorce’ analogy, because i don’t want to leave even a subliminal, subconscious suggestion that there’s anything either voluntary or holy about the political union we find ourselves trapped in. On the other hand, the people we want to get a ‘divorce’ from tend to favor easy, no-fault divorce.

      But your point about the “children” being the future generations will be good to bring up the next time some article turns up talking about “unity” or “working out our differences like adults” or anything along those lines comes up.

  8. Now is the time to secede while the country is in the crapper. Do it fast before everybody forgets the steal and covid disappears and everybody goes back to semi normal life. I’m just afraid the legal seccesion process is too slow. Do it now.

  9. I am a native born, ID card carrying, unapologetic loyal American. I escaped from a Northeastern blue state when I saw there was no hope of stopping a fascist, socialist takeover of that state. I moved to Texas to help keep it Red. I agree that the only way to survive is by secession. A divorce if you will. It’s too late for our country. The “cheat”, the rigged election, is already baked in at the swing states. The brown shirt lefty fascists will never allow another fair election again. We have no choice. Divorce the bastards.

  10. We must start somewhere! With some type of strong leadership. If we continue to just sit back and rest on our lorals, what does that show our children and grandchildren?

  11. I support it and we need to get moving on it. I really do care if people say it can not be done. We can figure it out. We need to do this and soon.

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