Here’s your last chance to help make a National Divorce happen

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In this issue:
-legally-binding Texas independence petition campaign deadline Dec 1
-secession conferences coming in November/December!

This golden opportunity only comes up every two years.

This month is the last month you can safely donate to the Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM), so that they can hire online signature collectors to get enough signatures collated and submitted to the state by December 1. I don’t know when is the last safe day this month. If enough signatures are submitted, then the state is legally required to put the non-binding question about Texas regaining its independence (TEXIT) onto the ballot.

I’m not high up enough in TNM to know how many signatures have been collected, or how much more money TNM needs to get this on the ballot. But I do know that TNM will need as much money as possible for this Winter’s campaign for a Yes vote in March 2024 if it does get on the ballot, to fight the media’s lies about the legality and consequences of declaring independence from the US. And to help pro-TEXIT legislators win primary elections at the same time.

Signature collectors can get valid online signatures cheaply. The total number of valid signatures they need is 100k to get on the Republican Party ballot and 50k to get on the Democratic Party ballot. I estimate that less than $200k would be enough to get these signatures. I’ve tried gathering signatures online but only gotten about a dozen. A donation of $20 blows that out of the water, because signature gatherers use online ads and texting to gather signatures.

As I understand it, TNM will need more donations soon if they are going to make the decision to spend to get on the Democratic Party ballot. This is important because if TEXIT only wins 60% or 80% of the Republican Party vote, people will assume that Texas as a whole is 30% or 40% in favor of independence. But based on last year’s poll, we can expect to get 40% to 60% Yes votes from the Democratic Party ballot. So if TEXIT is on both ballots, then it will be obvious that the average of the two election results is above 50%. Meaning Texas as a whole is pro-independence. The poll proved that the Texas Democratic Party has a large conservative wing, and Texas nationalism is a part of the culture of independents and both parties.

This is not just for Texans. Texas can lead the red-states out of the Union by forging the way through unilaterally declaring an independence date. Texas is the only state on international waters whose voters are already pro-secession. Whether you like Texas or not, it’s the only reasonable choice to be the first, so we should all work together to help. I don’t live there either. This is important enough to email everyone you know about it. Tell your Texas friends to sign the petition here.

Donate to TNM here.

Read my previous post about this petition here.

3 secession conferences!


Next month, TNM is hosting a secession conference in Waco, Texas that is focused on Texas, but also includes content on National Divorce in general. Speakers include Dr. Steve Turley and a secession expert who has personally helped coordinate successful secessions around the world. If you become a TNM member first, you are entitled to $90 off the $227 registration fee. According to an email sent to members,

The conference starts with a Welcome Mixer the evening of Thursday, Nov 9

  • Friday and Saturday are full days of speeches, sessions, and an awesome exhibit hall starting at 8 AM!
  • Sunday, Nov 12 features a grand finale and wraps up at 2:30 PM

Greater Idaho Convention of Counties Dec. 1-2 Redmond, Oregon

For info on the convention, click here and scroll down to Dec. 1.
The Greater Idaho movement also needs donations to take its next steps. It seeks to convince Oregon to add conservative counties of eastern Oregon to Idaho by relocating the state line. They need to hire a lawyer to figure out if a statewide ballot initiative could realistically relocate the state line without being sabotaged by the state legislature or judiciary. And pay for a poll to find out if support in western Oregon has increased enough since the January 2022 poll.

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