SCOTUS oppressing Texas – How you can fight back!

Yesterday, the federal government’s Supreme Court (SCOTUS), federal employees, struck down the 5th Circuit Court of Appeal’s temporary injunction preventing federal troops from cutting Texas’ razor wire, pending a final ruling. Even if Texas troops keep feds from entering Shelby Park, they could cut the wire from the river, unless intimidated by Texas troops.

SCOTUS should know that Texas has the constitutional right to war against border crossers during invasions, and may use state police and armed State Guard for the purpose, (as long as they’re not trying to shoot bona fide asylum-seekers).

“No State shall, without the Consent of Congress…keep Troops, or Ships of War in time of Peace…or engage in War, unless actually invaded, or in such imminent Danger as will not admit of delay.”

US Constitution Art. 1 Sec. 10

An “actual invasion” does not have to mean a military invasion. The definition is just entering without permission.

But now all three branches of fedgov are enabling the open border. SCOTUS is not conservative on social issues. Clarence Thomas is the only Justice who consistently votes Conservative on social issues. The only way to have justice is to secede.

Yesterday, the TNM (Texas Nationalist Movement) announced that, even though a Texas court refused to consider their case in time to get Texas independence on the March 5 ballot, they will continue with the lawsuit to get compensated financially for this violation of Texas law, and to ensure they have no problem getting on Texas primary ballots in 2026 if they choose to do so.

In response, the TNM asked Texas Republicans to participate in local and state GOP conventions, in order to replace the chair, Matt Rinaldi, and every SREC (State Republican Executive Committee) member who voted against putting a question about Texas independence on the GOP primary ballot.

The way you can fight back against a federal government hell-bent on flooding the US with foreigners? If Texas secedes, other red states will certainly join.

There are 6 weeks left before the Texas primary election on March 5. You can help replace weak state lawmakers with 33 candidates who have signed a pledge to support a bill to give Texans a vote on regaining its independence. Just replacing a few members of the Texas House of Representatives might be enough to wrest control of the House from Democrat-supported Speaker of the House Dade Phelan. You can go door-to-door on behalf of these candidates.

Only one of these 33 candidates (Mitch Little) has raised as much campaign funding as the incumbent. Two of the candidates are former members of the Texas House of Reps. The best way to finance the secession movement is to donate to the Texas Nationalist Movement, which will contribute to these candidates as it is able.

Last week I posted an article on my website on Louisiana secession. If you are interested in being a part of organizing a Louisiana secession movement, contact me and explain who you are and how you might help.

UPDATE 1/24/24: see Twitter thread on today’s letter from Gov. Abbott

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