TX National Guard blocking feds from border Shelby Park, Eagle Pass, TX 1/12/24

The Governor of Texas is rejecting federal authority in Texas

Texas is violating federal law, to resist invasion at the border!

Texas is using State Police and National Guardsmen to deny access of Border Patrol agents and federalized National Guardsmen to the border at Shelby Park, in Eagle Pass (see photo). Texas Gov. Abbott declared a disaster and is preventing the feds from trafficking illegal aliens from there.

Governor Abbott, for the first time, seems to knowingly be violating federal law to defend the sovereignty of his state. Fedgov has put Texas in a position where it must reject federal law to prevent invasion. That is, the federal law against hindering a fed in his official duties, a law being used against some J6’ers.

Texas Tribune quotes the governor’s spokesman as saying “Texas will continue to deploy Texas National Guard soldiers, DPS troopers, and more barriers, utilizing every tool and strategy to respond to President Biden’s ongoing border crisis.”

TX National Guard blocking feds from border Shelby Park, Eagle Pass, TX 1/12/24
TX National Guard blocking feds from border Shelby Park, Eagle Pass, TX 1/12/24

Expect fedgov to escalate until Abbott backs down. However, if public pressure or donor pressure is great enough, Abbott could stand his ground. DOJ today asked the Supreme Court to block Abbott’s action.

If neither side accepts the others’ sovereignty, the end result would eventually be Texas regaining its independence.

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A poll found that Texas regular voters are 66% in favor of Texas independence, and only 7% of Americans think fedgov should attack a seceding state. Texas is ready to lead the red states out of the Union.

As far as I know, the last time a governor permanently ignored the ruling of a federal judge was before the War Between the States? We need to support governors who do. Nullification has a storied history, but it’s hardly known today. Weak “nullification” is getting around federal law (eg, marijuana law). Strong nullification is actually violating it.

The framers of the Constitution were clear that federal actions/laws not authorized by the Constitution have no authority. If governors obey judges who make the Constitution say whatever judges pretend it says, then fed judges are supreme, not the Constitution itself.

Fedgov could just back down and let citizens ignore unconstitutional federal actions and laws. They could, but they won’t, because that would unravel the vast majority of the authority it now claims, especially on spending.

Fedgov would rather the red states secede, than obey the Constitution as written. Yes, the ruling class sometimes does allow territory to slip out of its control, sometimes to maintain or improve control over its core areas. Since 1945, 87% of secessions have been peaceful (out of 134 secessions, according to Ryan Griffiths’ research reported on page 48 of his book Age of Secessions).

Theoretically, if governors reject unconstitutional laws, they would restore true federalism (states’ rights). But as long as the Left is in fedgov (forever), fedgov won’t resist the urge to enforce its will on things such as “trans rights” nationally. Twitter mobs demand it.

For this reason, the red states need their own army and their own country. You can help replace weak state lawmakers with those who have signed a pledge to favor Texas sovereignty. Texas primary elections are March 5 and several such candidates need your help. Just replacing a few members of the Texas House of Representatives might be enough to wrest control of the House from Democrat-supported Speaker of the House Dade Phelan.

The best way to finance the secession movement is to donate to the Texas Nationalist Movement, which will contribute to these candidates if it has money left over from its legal fight to use electronic signatures to force Texas independence (TEXIT) onto the state GOP ballot (this March, or both ballots March 2026).


We continue to update our other article on the status of the legal fight to get Texas independence (TEXIT) onto the state GOP ballot.

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