Why didn’t the militias do anything yet?

Why haven’t the Oath Keepers or the Three Percenters prevented Biden’s coup? Or done anything besides wander the Capitol building?

At least one out of every three or four members of any militia or group are willing to inform to the government by the time an operation is ready to go. Thus, only lone wolf or pairs of people will successfully carry out an operation. It’s ridiculous to think that the NSA wouldn’t notice 40,000 men preparing to assemble in a location to wage a war. We shouldn’t be expecting to see a mobilization unless there is an economic collapse or a truly deadly pandemic.

It’s more realistic to expect the US to eventually settle into a pattern of violence like The Troubles experienced by Northern Ireland.

The right-wing does not want to fight police or Army, who are made up of our brothers. When the federal government pushes more right-wingers to the breaking point, it’s more realistic to expect lone-wolf assassinations of unguarded officials at their homes – officials such as the federal judges who enabled Biden’s coup when they refused to do their Constitutional duty to hear important cases.

Update: On the other hand, if a fight did break out that inspired militia men, news would spread quickly, and some militia men might run to the fight, assuming they could get there fast enough. It just seems that this scenario would require a big group to begin with, and I don’t see that happening.

Another possibility is a large rally turning into an army in an unplanned way. If the Jan 6 rally had happened in an open carry location, many would have been armed. The Jan 6 rally was in DC, where no weapons are allowed on civilians.


19 thoughts on “Why didn’t the militias do anything yet?

  1. In all honesty, the right wing (and any of the many militias across the nation) is leaderless, nor does it know what it truly wants. It is all reactionary. The only thing that us in the right know is that we are angry, that we want something done but don’t really know how far we should go or what we would do if we got there. What happened on the 6th wasn’t planned. This was a naturally organic, yet akin to a peasant revolt. Not to disparage these absolutely wonderful patriots, but they were disorganized, they had no plan and were acting only on emotion. You can’t expect them to know what happens next after they got inside.

    Now although any person willing to join the military or police force is by nature lawful and therefor conservative. But just taking a look at some of the capitol building police, its just shameful. Either unhealthy obese, filling some of their ranks with women, or they would scrape the bottom barrel with disloyal and culturally incompatible affirmative action cases. (A bunch of job thieves is what they are.) This is all acceptable in our corporate culture. Where they are to hire a diverse, progressive, cavalcade, all while pleasing the lowest common denomination of people. This can obviously be done for the most part because most men don’t complain, it doesn’t help and leaves you feeling powerless and emasculated for having to find someone to help solve your problems. A problem weaker men with have no dignity have.

    We must push for only complete secession. It is impossible to have an American Christian society run by satanic pedophiles. Only strong leaders and these leaders need only to support secession first. Any politician who tells us to just get behind them and vote Republican in 2022 or 2024 is idiotic, dangerous or both.

    (On a side note, those were the greatest livestreams when this took place. Fuck optics, this was fucking based. God bless and don’t lose your cool. God is on our side.)

    1. Nix, you are absolutely right about this, imvho.

      Those in the January 6 Capitol Uprising made a spontaneous move. They weren’t even as organized as those in the Boxer Rebellion in China (when the natives felt that by being righteous, they could kick out the invaders, basically just using their fists).

      So when our enemies call this an “attempted coup” or an “insurrection” it is just preposterous; it wasn’t even a riot (a term that the Establishment wouldn’t even apply to the summer unrest, or to the unrest in Hong Kong — where the legislative building was occupied, or to the situation in Ukraine in 2014). When our Enemies call this mostly peaceful occupation a “riot” they are insulting us, and we should not forget it.

      Now, as far as strong leaders go, State Representative Kyle Biedermann in Texas is introducing a bill for a vote on Texit. This is the kind of leader who we can profitably support, imvho.

    2. “It is impossible to have an American Christian society run by satanic pedophiles.” Truer words were never spoken Nix. Bravo for saying this.
      The vast millions of Americans who understand this fact and know that cohabitation with satanic pedophiles is unacceptable must immediately quit playing political games with the enemy of humanity, make some critical changes on lifestyle (temporary austerity and some sacrifices), move to deep red areas and come together geographically to share, barter, teach and protect in Constitutionalist communities that uphold Christian values. See, united communities of america (dot com) There IS a plan in place my friends. Fellowship is the way of serving, preserving and protecting our families, friends and ourselves during these tribulations. And yes… GOD IS ON OUR SIDE.

  2. Happy to have discovered your page because I think Red State secession is one of the few options we have at this point(the other being uniting with the Left to overthrow the government as Constitutionally provided, if only they weren’t so unstable & emotional).

    The one thing I disagree with you on is that the police & military are our brothers. I would not put too much trust in that. Peace.

  3. The military will follow any order they receive. They have been controlled by the enemy for a long time. They’ll do as they’re told even if it means open fire on citizens. Trump had good intentions, and he did accomplish some good things. However, IMO, we have not had a real president since JFK. Any president that has the courage to try to take down the illegal “federal reserve banking system” is a president that ACTUALLY cares about the people. JFK named the enemy. Trump did not. Perhaps he didn’t know. Although I find that hard to believe. This country is no longer the country that it was meant to be. It hasn’t been for a long time. Until we take back our government, things will only get worse. God bless you all and stay safe đź’ž

  4. The biggest problem is that both red and blue want the same communistic dystopia for us. It’s only the American people who want their freedom. They have been lying to us pretending to be conservative for years because they want to be the fat cats too, and think they can get us used to it slowly. We have taken the first step with the patriot party, now we need to leave this union and redo government so small, miniscule, so this never happens again. Remember, the power belongs to the citizens not the government in our country. The only way to change the direction now is to walk away. They did this same purge to Reagan, and now Trump, they have shown their true loyalty. We need to just do now, no more asking the petty tyrants, giving them the illusion of power. Altogether we must move as one. Don’t like covid restrictions? Boycott as one. Don’t like communistic government? Leave as one. Like Trump said, we have to unify. All Patriots must unify against our common enemy. We don’t need to resort to violence, we can simply walk away from everything they are doing. The time is now.

    1. DING! DING! DING! We have a winner! The republicans are just as evil as the democrats. They screw us by day and have dinner parties with the democrats at night while laughing at us for being so gullible. If the Republicans were really on our side Trump would still be the president. They threw him under the bus on Jan 6th. IMO the RINO republicans are worse than the Democrats. They pretend to be in your camp and then stab you in the back when you need them the most. Look no further than VP Mike Pence on Jan 6th. He is a traitor and we will not forget.

      1. There is no comparison between the two. I agree Repubs offer nothing new but they stay out of your business and allow business to work. Democrats claim rights to ones body and destroy everything. Wake the fuck up and drop the Bill Clinton 1990 talking points.

        1. X-Beast can speak for himself, and i hope he does.

          But just in case he doesn’t, ManWithNoName, you’ve made a point that somebody should sincerely address.

          I think that Republicans and Democrats both need to be considered on a case-by-case basis. It’s easy for me to support Georgia Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene, because she has not abandoned our brothers and sisters languishing in prison for their January 6 patriotic activities, and she was bold enough to even float the secession idea: i understand she did a poll of her constituents to see how they felt about a national divorce. [Does anybody know the results of the poll?]

          Some other Republicans are not nearly so bold, or are even needlessly anti-secession, and i don’t feel a need to support them. What good does it do if you have a strong economy but your culture is dissolved and your people scattered to the four winds? What does it profit a man if he gain the whole world but lose his own soul?

  5. So true, so very true Tali. But the important (self) question is, who will be the first in line to stand to oppose tyranny? Most are afraid to do so. I am not, maybe yo are not and maybe a few of our friends may not be afraid , but mass repudiation of totalitarianism is a big picnic basket to fill. Words are not actions and ideas only produce results when they are ACTUALIZED. Words need to jump off pages and into the real hearts and communities of patriots if we are to have a community picnic with potato salad, cole slaw and something on the grill American style.

    1. If you really want to take back this country from this de facto government that is no longer working for “We The People” then join your State Assemblies in each state and be apart of making change happen. Go to the website http://www.theamericanstateassemblies.net and get involved by contacting your state coordinators. You have a choice. You’ve been presumed to be operating as a British Territorial U.S. Citizen or as a Municipal citizen of the United states when in fact you are an American. This is how they are getting away with it. This is how they are evading their obligations to honor our constitutions. This is how they are getting away by ramrodding people thru their court systems. This is how they have been posting the Internal Revenue Service. This whole mess is a fraudulent double ended impersonation scheme. All patriots need to go to the website above now and be apart of the solution. Join us.

  6. Update: On the other hand, if a fight did break out that inspired militia men, news would spread quickly, and some militia men might run to the fight, assuming they could get there fast enough. It just seems that this scenario would require a big group to begin with, and I don’t see that happening.

    Another possibility is a large rally turning into an army in an unplanned way. If the Jan 6 rally had happened in an open carry location, many would have been armed. The Jan 6 rally was in DC, where no weapons are allowed on civilians.

  7. I concur with Nix. The biggest hang up that the right wing has is there is no leadership; not because there aren’t capable men, but because it’s not allowed. Any personality who attempts to rally groups like the Oath Keepers, III%ers, etc. in order to establish goals and coordinate efforts will be immediately silenced and blacklisted on all forms of main stream (social) media, regardless of what they say. After the left ceased every cultural institution, they gradually shifted the Overton Window so main stream society regards any sort of conservative movement as just a bunch of radical racist terrorists. Even the intelligence agencies are falling for it and the Feds WILL show up at peoples houses over something as trivial as a vaguely controversial tweet. So it’s hard to get a message out. Not to mention as soon as the media gets a whiff of what’s going on, the propaganda will be relentless and insane. That can’t happen.

    I think an important milestone/goal would be to unify conservatives by encouraging them to join one or more of the emerging platforms which are supposedly going to actually promote free speech. At least then we could have some semblance of organization. Secondly, we NEED to make sure that guys aren’t being reckless with their cyber footprint. We need to stress that they use VPNs, impersonal and encrypted emails, encrypted messengers like Signal, not using their real names or phone numbers or addresses for anything… and the more high profile the person is the more careful they need to be. I wouldn’t even post from your own WiFi even with a solid VPN, and never from the same place. No coordination on public forums. We need to take this seriously or no one will take us seriously. We are the real underground; the occupation is really here. Act like it, or every conservative effort will be futile. We need people to respect us.

    74,222,958 people voted for Trump in this last election, up from 62,985,106 in 2016. Conservatives and moderates are DESPERATE for people to rally behind, who make them feel like they’re understood and being heard and protected. Not some piece of shit motley crew full of confused hypocrites, retards and bad faith actors like Antifa who certainly aren’t winning hearts and minds. No one really respects them except weird gray kids with mental issues. But they’d respect a professional, well regulated, fair, dependable force that is truly in defense of our God given rights; no racism, no sexism, no gay bashing or any of that shit. Those people should be severely reprimanded and publicly denounced/blacklisted. We hunt them. There needs to be an honor code, a healthy and patriotic warrior culture like the SEALs… No toxicity, ego is condemned, complacency is condemned, intolerance is condemned, excuses are condemned, etc. etc… you get the picture. We need our own intelligence and counterintelligence arm, our own internal affairs arm, our own cyber investigators, our own legal arm, our own interpreters, our own strategists, our own PR wing, our own liaisons for law enforcement and government, our own finance division… etc. If we could get a decent fraction of the 75-odd-million conservatives and moderates onboard, we could charge a modest monthly fee to fund it all. Non-profit of course, just paying for equipment and legal fees etc.

    If we can actually get some momentum going, it’ll snowball and eventually take the country by storm. The trick is to keep it under the radar until it’s truly a force to be recorded with and the government has no choice but to come to the table and radical left wing terrorists won’t dare poke their heads out to hurt innocent people. We just can’t let them see it coming. It’s the punch you don’t see that fucks you up.

    If the mob can seize every part of America from the political wing down to the guy just standing on the corner selling bootleg DVDs, then it’s not impossible for us to pull this off. It’s our responsibility to preserve what our forefathers intended. We have the ability.

    1. I diasgree on your secrecy part, Say what you mean and mean what youy say is far better othewise you are playing by their rules. Just use comon sense and see what this giy does as guidance ? JeffteyPrather.com

  8. Susan Rosenberg serves on the board of one of the sponsors of the BLM Global Network Project. While the BLMGN often simply calls itself “Black Lives Matter” it is not the sole organization within the broader Black Lives Matter social movement. BLM is a decentralized organization with multiple chapters. The organization formally has no leader and most chapters act autonomously.

    This is quite different from how your meme describes it.

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