List of Institutions Controlled by the Left

OCTOBER 26, 2018

Those of you who think the we are powerful enough to “take our country back”, take a look at this list and tell me what peaceful method you can use that the Left is not also using more powerfully? 

Secession is the only solution I can think of.   It is the only way to make conservative voters such an overwhelming majority of a country that they can keep power.  Please add to the list in the comments below.  Also feel free to make a graphic for this.

Conservatives are not giving up on winning the culture war because our ideas are unpersuasive.  We are giving up because the Left has more influence over how voters think because they control the institutions.

Categories Controlled by the Left:

K-12 schools



Television networks, late-night television

Newspapers, magazines, journalists

Hollywood, the entertainment industry

the music industry, the art world, NBA/NFL

Facebook, Google/Google Play/YouTube, Twitter, Apple/App Store, Netflix, Medium, Amazon, Microsoft

Internet infrastructure companies: web hosts, GoDaddy, CloudFlare, etc

Mastercard, Visa, Paypal, Stripe, certain banks, Goldman Sachs

Most large corporations (especially the HR dept.)


The deep state/bureaucracy

Federal Judiciary (appeals courts handling 27,000 cases/yr and district, circuit courts)

Law Schools (who control admissions and grading)

American Bar Association (that allows people to be lawyers) and most organizations representing professionals

“big law” firms

Mainline denominations

Not controlled by the Left:

The Supreme Court (which can only handle 100 cases per year, and can be ignored by lower courts)

State legislatures, State Governors

US military & National Guard

State police, sheriffs

Talk radio

Evangelical churches

The US Senate (usually)

The US Presidency (until 2020)

Special Case: The Donor Class

It is self-defeating to say that there’s no difference between the two parties. But it’s also self-defeating to think that conservatives can win against both the donor class of their own party and the Left without secession. The only way to get conservative policy when it conflicts with the wishes of the big-money donors is to secede, so that conservative voters are a bigger fraction of the electorate. Even many red-state Congressmen have rejected bills to make E-Verify mandatory, because the legislators care more about the business donors than the will of the voters.

After secession, once conservatives have firm control over the power of the government at the highest levels, the government can influence the non-government institutions to stop promoting Leftism so strongly. And also put limits on behavior that is allowed in the country.

3 thoughts on “List of Institutions Controlled by the Left

  1. There is nothing that the Left has created that cant be re-created in the Conservative image, in our own lands and territories… Additionally, there are many currently Conservative rural areas across this country that can be used as staging areas to incubate new, sovereign, conservative societies. Current county and state boundaries are really just “suggested”…

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