What if Timothy McVeigh had targeted actual decision makers?

Timothy McVeigh’s decision to kill 168 people in a federal building in 1995 probably didn’t intimidate any feds into respecting the sovereignty of the people. I doubt it influenced any of the 2.8 million federal employees to quit, nor harmed federal hiring. It didn’t help domestic politics: Bill Clinton was re-elected in 1996. The militia movement was decimated by the desire of men to disassociate themselves from McVeigh’s random murder. 168 out of 2.8 million were killed: tyrant and non-tyrant alike died, no matter what decisions they had made.

What if McVeigh had targeted actual decision makers who had made tyrannical decisions, as he had considered doing? The militia movement would not have weakened. He might have inspired copycats. The next US Attorney General would have thought twice about becoming a tyrant, since 100% of the recent tyrannical US Attorney Generals had been assassinated (one out of one is 100%). The next federal judge might restrain himself, as there are only 3000 federal judges, and only 2000 of them are tyrants. After a few assassinations, a judge would realize that ignoring the constitution would give him a not insignificant chance of being assassinated. Was he just too lazy to figure out how to find these people? Nowadays the internet is a thing.


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