The Left is boiling 50 frogs. It’s time for 30 states to jump out

Published March 2019.

1969 was 50 years ago. If Americans had known then how the hippies would affect America to produce the perversions that have been forced on America as of 2019, they would have treated the hippies as a greater threat than they treated the Soviets and communism.

What will we do now to prevent the Left from making the next 50 years even more horrifying?

In 1969 they were college students, professors, NGO’s, and judges. Now they have far more power, far more institutions than they did in 1969. The pace of change is increasing as they sense that they can get away with a greater pace. Occasionally they over-step and over-reach, and they occasionally lose elections, but they are moving both parties to the left. Both parties are far to the left of where they were in 1969 because the Left has moved the electorate left using the Left’s control of education, culture, judges, media etc., and using immigration.

If the Left had tried to enforce all these changes in 1969, they would have been prevented all access to power, as McCarthyism prevented communists and nazis access to power using a 1945 law. Instead, the Left added a few more demands each year. 2% per year times 50 years is 100%. The reason Americans have not revolted yet is that the 2% that will change this year is not worth grabbing a gun and trying to organize a revolution. But how do we prevent each 2% from adding up to 100% if we never take action?

The government is smart enough to take away the sovereignty of the people gradually, so that we never revolt. And that has worked here since 1783, and it has worked in every western European nation, and every nation of the Anglosphere. The Left was able to take total control of every nation that is like ours, and the people never revolted.

Cities in Illinois and other states have already outlawed guns and confiscated them. The residents did not resist. The Left is smart enough not to try to take all guns all at one time because they don’t want to help you organize a revolution. They will do what is necessary to avoid giving you a triggering moment.

Most coups fail because it’s impossible to, without detection, organize a large group to take collective action. Every person who is added to the group is a potential whistle-blower. Most coups are a small group who take action and hope that other people will hear about the action, trust that small group, and then risk their lives to immediately contribute to the coup.

Why aren’t red-blooded gun owners in hyper-blue states such as California, Illinois, or New York in revolt? It’s not enough to be fed up. It’s not enough to be willing to risk the loss of life, fortune, and sacred honor. There has to be a sense that the group that wants to take action is adequate to the task. The individual has to judge that the chances of success are worth the risk of failure. This is why red-blooded conservatives allowed the Left to gain total control over the UK, New Zealand, South Africa, and Europe. Compared to other societies, Americans are rich, comfortable, and law-abiding. Revolution threatens all that.

Compared to revolution or civil war, secession has fewer casualties, it’s orderly, and it’s legal. There is no personal risk in joining the Texas Nationalist Movement and helping Texas secede. Once Texas secedes, red states will join it in a federation. This federation should have a new constitution that does not give the central government any power or personnel to interfere in the social policy of other states. That allows the most conservative states such as Wyoming, Oklahoma, and West Virginia to be very conservative.

Perhaps this new constitution would not force states to allow internal migration within the federation. Of course a state would want to allow US citizens to immigrate to the state in the first year or two, because that’s when the true believers and the native sons would move in.

But stopping immigration after that would prevent liberals from other red states from moving in.After secession, accepting even a small percentage of the conservatives from 49 states is enough to make a state significantly more conservative because 49 is a much bigger number than 1. The first states to secede will get the biggest waves of conservative immigration unless the secessions all happen quickly.

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17 thoughts on “The Left is boiling 50 frogs. It’s time for 30 states to jump out

  1. After the fiasco of yesterday, it is time for Red States to realize that GOP members of the House and Senate will only be able to get support for raising and levying certain taxes that are extraneous. Other than that they are not valuable for anything anymore.

  2. It’s about time we parted ways. The remaining red states have horrible leadership but we have a better chance of salvaging parts of the country without the blue states.

  3. It’s just like sitting at a poker table and you realize the other players are cheating you blind—and probably have guns pointed at you under the table. If you have any brains at all you realize it’s a better idea to just get up and walk away, rather than sit there hoping you will win some way against a stacked deck.

    There is no question the Haters will add 2 stars to the flag by cheating, and real soon. Trump Nation ought to be able to subtract 20-some by playing fair. With petitions we can get secession referendums and peaceably create Free States of America, FSA.

  4. Hello,
    everybody should push thad idea more than ever.
    We all know, that the elections were stolen. They only need one corrupt blue hotspot in the red states and they can switch your states blue.
    There aren’t any fair elections in the future without a secession.

  5. It is good to read comments by sensible Americans. If some of our ‘fellow Americans’ (the low information bloc who have been hoodwinked by the state controlled media and rendered incapable of critical independent thought) have been convinced that a socialist/communist America equates to “social justice” and a better America, then why should their higher information and higher IQ fellow Americans prevent them from learning what they will inevitably learn at their own peril? (It’s supposed to be free country!) I believe sensible Americans should let the suicidal fools in our country experience socialism which is what they ‘think’ they want to experience. Let them be free to do so in their socialist states. But, on the other side of the coin, sensible American Constitutionalists are certainly not obligated to join the low info crowd in their social, moral and intellectual decline. So. we, the free people, the liberty loving American Constitutionalists, must never allow ourselves to be subjugated or have our liberty infringed by anti-American diaper dirtiers. For this reason, political segregation (secession of free states) is the only rational alternative. Let the dead bury the dead, but the living do not need to live in their graveyard. The Constitutional republic of the United States of America no longer exists (tragically) so, chin up and whistle Dixie, because America is soon to faction and ‘build back better’ as a true Constitutional republic. Let the anti-Americans have their ‘Blue states’ (the red states do not need them… but they need our food, water and resources and we are the majority). Communists can’t run anything but their mouths. Let them learn this and they will soon return to the Constitutional fold like the prodigal son. (These sad misguided Americans are not enemies, they are lost brainwashed, propagandized souls). Personally, I pray for these lost souls as I do for the souls who are not lost and are being demonized by anti-American propaganda demons. (This demon is the true enemy). God Bless the Free People of America. I see January 6, 2021 as a new beginning for the REAL America as painful as it may be, it is necessary.

  6. How do we make this more than just talk? Who do we go to?

    America needs to go back to 1776 with the constitution as the unalterable text that it is. The only amendment I want added to the constitution is the absolute forbiddence of altering it, and the rights it grants in any way that strips said rights from the people!!

  7. I think the AG in each state is who has to initiate it. Let’s do it immediately as the left I’m sure already knows we will and try to demonize and stop us.

  8. This article needs to be updated. we are much further down the line of destruction. And now with the SCOTUS no wanting to hear a case of systemic voter fraud we have even lost our elections. We are almost the communists we fought against.

  9. I hope that we don’t have to depend on our AG – Brad Raffensberger–who is establishment Republican. They need us more than we need them. FB now bans anything Trump. I’m praying for Kim Clement’s prophecy of two presidents. God help us with the wall flowers the progressives have done to our young people. Let the leftists go and destroy themselves!

  10. Amen. This has been a long slow process and only because its been slow have we been unable to summon sufficient outrage to do take proportionate action. What has transpired even just in the last decade is far beyond what the founders revolted against. Human psychology has a defect that we don’t respond rationally or proportionately to phenomena stretched out sufficiently over time, and smart people can exploit that. But even bigger than the time distortion effect is that leftists have achieved much very quietly, especially before the internet. And they are very active at the local level. The scale of the left’s effort to transform our society over the past 50 years is jaw dropping.

    Especially now that leftists control Washington we need to focus our efforts on legislating proactively to fight leftism in red states. Texas, Florida, and other states are starting to do that, albeit really late. We need to take that effort to the furthest extent possible and be proactive not just reactive. And it’s continue regardless what’s happening in Washington. Read states were apathetic under trump and that’s unacceptable.

    1. Rightwing politicians also need to be scrutinized and held accountable by the conservative masses to ensure they stay true to things we care about so that we can eliminate things like globalism and corporate donor influence that run rampant in the gop.

  11. Would love to collaborate on a mock post-usa conservative constitution. I’ve literally been compiling one for a year now.

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