Red-State Secession memes

WE NEED TO SEPARATE FROM BOTH COASTS (area proportional to number of residents)

Red state ports handle more tons of cargo than blue state ports!

Remember that the Pacific fleet of the red-state country would be located at Alaska, Guam, and allies’ ports.

The Great Lakes are international waters with access to the Atlantic via the St Lawrence Seaway. Most of the red states are in the Mississippi River watershed, so the only oceanic ports they use are in Louisiana. Charleston is now as deep enough to handle ships with the deepest drafts. Anchorage Alaska is also, and it’s ice-free year around.

Every country in the world engages in international trade. No country in the world is self-sufficient. The blue states wouldn’t dare embargo us because they need our help to get from one blue state to the other. They wouldn’t want to lose the business at the ports.

Easiest way to measure the spirituality of the people you might want to live among.

6 thoughts on “Red-State Secession memes

  1. Secession, more aptly, political segregation of disparate political ideologies (and world views), is the only rational alternative to civil war and/or complete destruction of the Constitutional republic of America and the inherent values of Americanism. Secession would appease both polarized constituencies peacefully. In theory anyway. Let the dead bury the dead and let the living live on liberty. Fence sitting is o longer an option.

    1. America is finished. Most people just do not know that yet. The multitudinous factions are incompatible, the differences irreconcilable, the divide unbridgeable, a split inevitable. Let each faction go its own way to get out from under the other one’s thumb lest each be at the other’s throat.

  2. I like the idea of secession, but WTH would happen to ur retirement money? it’s all controlled by Washington, D.C. Us old folk would starve. You know they wouldn’t let us claim it.

    1. Texans send more money to DC than they get back from DC. DC already spent the social security savings anyway. So your Texas social security would be better funded than DC’s. Same applies to many states.

  3. Secession is a great idea. If you can’t live the way that you want to live and worship God openly, raise your children in a safe school that teaches conservative values, Then we are not living. The United States of America was built on the love of God and the love of freedom. Let’s go secession!!!

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