Let’s inaugurate Trump the president of the Red States of America on Jan 20 in absentia

Here’s one way to prick peoples’ imagination and get press coverage for the idea of splitting the US. Trump doesn’t have to show up. There will be crowds at many state capitols at noon on Jan 20 to protest the illegitimate inauguration of Biden.

Someone with a bigger mailing list than we have should promote a show inauguration of Trump (in absentia) at their state capitol. Choose someone to stand in Trump’s place. Another person should bring a Bible and administer a modified oath such as “Do you swear that Trump would follow the constitution of the Red States of America? Do you accept the presidency on Trump’s behalf?” That person should wear black like a judge does (maybe a graduation gown). Have someone stream the ceremony.

The point of this is to introduce people to the idea that we don’t have to try to conquer the blue states. We can create a federation where conservatives are in charge.

Trump’s failure to defend people who are trying to stop the theft of the presidency is disgusting. But he is the duly elected president for the next four years, so that’s why we think he’s the one to inaugurate for a stunt such as this.

If you are going to organize this, contact us to let us know. We suggest you choose a red state as your location.

16 thoughts on “Let’s inaugurate Trump the president of the Red States of America on Jan 20 in absentia

  1. Not good enough. Nothing less than total conquest of all 50 states is enough. Nothing less than permanent one-party GOP rule is enough.

    1. A two party system is bad for a country. But a one party is worse. That’s not democracy. Of course the right are 1000% better than the left. We cannot be unamerican and declared a one party system.

  2. President Trump: read “A Constitutional History of Secession”, by John Remington Graham. While there is still tine, get a convention of red counties to form constitution.

  3. Inaugurating Trump as the Red State president is a great way to draw attention to the secession movement. I have thought long and hard about it—a peaceful secession of the conservative states is the only way to get our freedoms back. And to put God and freedom back in our schools and government. Nothing else will work— think about it—we had Trump as our President for the last four years and the mainstream media and the Dems wouldn’t allow us conservatives a moments peace. The Dems and the media mob wouldn’t allow us to have our one nation under God with liberty and justice for all. There is no justice for Republicans in this country. My Christian, free market political beliefs are worlds apart from Biden and the Dems political views. I have nothing in common with the Dems politically or spiritually. I will never acknowledge Biden as my president after he and the Dems stoled this election and the Georgia Senate election. This country with Biden as President is rotten to the core—the news media, FBI, The Justice Department and the whole swamp in Washington DC all are totally Socialist if not communist. I am a man without a country right now. I’m a Christian, I don’t want a civil war. I want a peaceful secession of the states. For me and my children. Wake up America! The communist media and Dems have shown you that this country is well on its way to being a totally communist, satanic country. Let’s have the Red states seceded now—before it is going to take a civil war. We will take the Red states and the Dems can have their blue states. You are just wasting your time trying to take a blue state back. Trump showed you that. Let the Dems have the blue states. We will take the red states. So let’s do it. I am sick of watching the athletes kneel for the national anthem. They aren’t going to kneel for the national anthem in a red state if that red state secedes—thats for sure. So come on let go. Encourage every conservative you know to work on a peaceful secession of states. God bless, Bry

    1. Well said. Czech Republic and Slovakia separated amicably. A civil war would be a bloody affair we should avoid, if possible. Yet the leftist view of the future is something many people do not want.

  4. Great Idea to inaugurate Trump as the Red State president. We need to motivate everyone to get involved in this red state secession movement while we can. Freedom of the press does not exist and Washington is corrupt to the core. Time for the Republicans to take the red states and let the Dems have the blue states. God Bless

  5. As a proud member of TNM, this is something I have been preaching since November.
    We (Texas) are currently in legislative session. This runs from January 12 2021 thru May 31 2021.
    With the help of Rep. Kyle Biedermann leading the charge with the introduction of a bill in the Texas State Legislature that would put the question of secession into a referendum form to voters on the November 2021 ballot. The referendum would query residents whether Texas should assert its independence from the United States. If his bill advances out of committee debates and hearings, it would be put to a vote before the 150 State Representatives and 31 State Senators. He plans on introducing this bill as early as this week.
    We are hopeful.
    Let the People of Texas decide.

  6. I believe that we have come to the place where red state secession is the only option we have left. I do believe that Donald Trump would be the best candidate to lead us starting out, given his popularity. Has anyone approached him with the idea? If he was behind the movement, I think we would have a very good chance of succeeding.

    1. John —-
      From your mouth to God’s ears.
      DJT would be a great leader of Texas and I hope all of my fellow TNM members are doing all they can to get this word out and make it a reality if we are successful in getting the #TEXIT referendum on the November 2021 ballot.

  7. I just looked up Rep. Kyle Biedermann and saw him do an interview on Texas Secession. I am going to donate to his cause. We should all help him and the Texit movement in any way possible. Looks like I might have to move from Illinois to Texas.

  8. Per latest Zoom meeting with TNM President Daniel Miller,members David Roberts, Randy Councill and TX State Rep Kyle Biedermann.
    He plans to introduce the Texit Independence Referendum Act tomorrow, Tuesday 26 January during the Texas Legislative Session.
    If you would like to sign his petition to show support, you can find it on his website @KyleBiedermann
    Wish us luck!!!

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