How red-state secession can solve the problem of the culture war without forcing anyone to move

DECEMBER 29, 2018·

Why is red-state secession the answer, if the problem is divisiveness?

Splitting the USA provides a relief valve for partisans who can not accept the rule of the other side. But it doesn’t force anyone to move, and some won’t. Both countries will still have Hillary voters and Trump voters.

Red-state leftists are the leftists who have decided that they are willing to live in a state that has traditional values. They are OK with letting Christians be Christians as long as they are allowed to be leftists.

Now that conservative Christians no longer hold sway in the culture, they’ve given up on the idea of imposing their morality on the world. Nowadays they would be grateful to simply retain freedom of conscience, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion.

In red states, leftists are a minority and if they can’t handle such freedoms they are free to move to the blue states. The leftists who were born in red states and can’t handle red states have already moved. After secession, new generations of such people will continue to move to blue states. Red-state society works.

In the blue states there are leftists who can not accept a nation of traditional values, and they vote for leaders who will erase freedom of conscience, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion. If red states secede, they will be a refuge for conservatives who won’t give up these freedoms. This will be a relief valve for strife in the blue states.

Our forefathers created America to be a place that was safe for radical Protestants like the Puritans. A place where people would not be forced by the King to worship according to a state church (Anglicanism). This whole American experiment to create this religious liberty will be a failure if the Leftists get control over 50 states.

Red-state secession is a way to preserve, in 30 states, the religious liberty our forefathers died for. The freedom to criticize Islam and teach the whole Bible, even the parts that offend Muslims and gay activists. Freedom of conscience, so that people are not forced by the government to participate in gay wedding, or affirm them, or to pay for abortions and euthanasia.

The ascendancy of the closed-minded, authoritarian Left will cause oppression and strife in the 50 states if there is no relief valve. Over the centuries, in hundreds of nations, some Christians have refused to obey government when it wants to force disobedience to Christ. It is impossible to imagine the Left managing to force compliance with their agenda on all 50 states.

American Christians have no country to go to. They will have to stand in at least one red state. There is no country in the world that is more red-state than a red state. Europe and the Anglosphere have already lost these freedoms, if they ever had them. If New Zealand or Australia or Canada were more conservative, we would have already moved there. But they aren’t.

The rise of the Left in the US serves the function of a counter-revolution to erase the freedoms we gained in the revolutionary war. Unfortunately, our military is not yet acting as a revolutionary guard to defend the independence from tyrants that we gained in that war. Secession can be a peaceful, negotiated strategy that defines borders to disentangle two groups. The kind of Leftists who can’t play nice with others will tend not to live in the red-state country.

An analogy is the partition of India between India and Pakistan (East Pakistan became Bangladesh). The founders of India waited until after massive casualties occurred before they accepted partition. They finally accepted that the only way to reduce casualties long-term was to allow the secession of Pakistan. Since then, if an Indian Muslim can’t accept the idea of living in a country that is not dominated by Muslims, there is a relief valve: he can emigrate to Pakistan or Bangladesh, which speak many of the same languages as India. Since partition, India has enjoyed much more religious liberty and democracy than it would have if Pakistan had never seceded. And far fewer casualties.

3 thoughts on “How red-state secession can solve the problem of the culture war without forcing anyone to move

  1. Yes, secede or war (or move borders like Oregon/Idaho/N. California). I don’t want to see my kids or grandkids caught in the middle of a war. It’s not needed. However, I think the goal for the globalists is to erase religion and establish a one-world government, supposedly making it peace. I already know the end of the book but that’s beside the point. We MUST do something and that something is moving borders or seceding. *peacemakers* which is taken out of context but still, usable.

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