Civic Nationalism can be More Exclusive than Ethno-Nationalism

MAY 23, 2019·

According to civic nationalism, the USA is a creedal nation. Those who reject the American creed are not Americans and don’t deserve US citizenship. This is why, after the American War for Independence, Americans forced a large fraction of the colonial population to move to Canada, Florida, or other parts of the British Empire. The Whigs forced Tories out. In those days, American nationalism was both creedal and ethnic. After the war, they only allowed immigration of white people and defined “white” as being people of northwestern Europe. These were the cultures that were expected to fit.

We know that American nationalism was not simply ethnic because it excluded Englishmen who lived in England. It included Englishmen who embraced the American creed and chose to live in America to participate in what we today call the American project. (The American project was creating a free society of ordered liberty that allowed the creation of communities that practiced radical Protestantisms such as Puritanism, Anabaptism, Quakerism, and Baptistism.)

Today, the blue-state Left has rejected the American creed. They don’t belong in our union. We should reject the blue states because they have chosen to become another nation. The blue states are not American.

The red states can remain American.
The blue states can become whatever they want.

The blue-state Left rejects our founding fathers and other “dead white men” in their curriculum. Federal judges proudly interpret a “living” constitution, rather than the actual Constitution, which was originally written by our founders. They have started working to tear down the statues of founding fathers, not just confederates. This means that they are not creedal Americans.

Many red-state Democrats are willing to observe the creed. And many are married to Republicans. These are the kinds of liberals who are willing to live in a red state. Civic nationalism doesn’t have to be strict. After the American War for independence, loyalists were persecuted after the war, but only about 15% of loyalists fled the colonies.

We don’t need to purge everyone who disagrees with us. For an American America to survive, we just need to separate from the blue states.

Many civic nationalists, like Breitbart, Steve Bannon, and Ann Coulter, want to stop all immigration. Civic nationalists can be more exclusive than ethnic nationalists on immigration because they know that Europeans tend to vote for the Left. So they don’t want Europeans to immigrate either. From an American perspective, the only group in the world that is more conservative of Anglo conservative values than Americans themselves is South African whites. But that group is already moving to Australia.

Ethnic nationalism can be too inclusive. After the Civil War, today’s blue states had far more factories than red states. The blue states imported millions of peasants from eastern and southern Europe (and Ireland) to work in their factories. These peasants were extremely class-conscious because of their experience in Europe, so they formed the bulk of the communist and progressive movements in America. They are the reason that Chicago, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, eastern Michigan, and New England don’t vote for creedal Americans. Ethnic nationalism tells us we should embrace states that are “white” even though those these states don’t embrace the values of conservatism that allow a society to flourish. That is too inclusive.

If you would like proof that white immigrants in recent generations have been bad for conservatism, follow these links:

Personally, we support cultural nationalism in combination with civic nationalism. We recognize that culture (and spirituality) have long-term effects on whether a society will have corruption, crime, honesty, trust, productivity, etc.

We believe that a federation of red states can allow states’ rights to thrive, allowing different cultures in different states. Perhaps some states or groups of states would choose to require permission for citizens of other red states to move to their state. This would allow intensely conservative states to remain intensely conservative.

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