Why the Space for Compromise between Left and Right is Disappearing

Why the new “civil rights” era will not end the same way the first “civil rights” era did:

The abolition of slavery and the abolition of Jim Crow laws forced communities to conform to the values of their own worldview: biblical Christianity. This is why these communities were able to incorporate these new laws into their communities. The new civil rights era will not end the same way because it asks people to abide by laws that make a mockery of their own deep-seated moral worldview.

What will Christians do when forced to choose between obeying federal law and obeying Christ?

Many Americans are facing an existential crisis because of federal laws that will be enacted in the upcoming decade. For example, the Church in the US will soon be confronted with laws that force them to choose between obeying federal law and obeying Christ. Non-Christians will also be forced to choose between following their conscience and obeying federal law.

Most Americans haven’t truly faced this problem yet, but there are examples of Christians who’ve already been forced to make this choice:

-Christians whose businesses celebrate religious services such as weddings and funerals are forced by law to celebrate a mockery of marriage (two grooms)

-Christians forced by law to refer to men as “she” by law in Canada and the UK.

-UK citizens jailed for criticism of heresies such as Islam or criticizing UK immigration policies

-Christians organizations such as Little Sisters of the Poor forced by law to use some of the donations entrusted to their religious organization for funding abortion

Some conservatives who follow their conscience rather than federal law will be imprisoned, and others will attack federal judges rather than surrendering.

Worse, conservatives who choose to obey federal law rather than their conscience will endanger their soul to the fires of hell.

Moreover, as American culture embraces the idea that sins favored by the federal judiciary are not sins, people will have a harder time believing that the Bible is true. Even the right to defend the Bible’s position on these sins is threatened by censorship, approbation, and loss of employment. This means that parents won’t be allowed by the government to help their children understand why the Bible is not wrong.

The Left fights so that sexual deviants will be protected from feelings of shame. The Right fights to help people avoid hell.

The English Civil War (1600s) was fought because Puritans refused to disobey their understanding of what Christ required of them. When federal law changes, the Church in the US will only have two long-term options: secession, or a war of attrition.

In a society committed to full-franchise democracy, the only way to take control of a government long-term is to reduce the number of voters in the opposition to make them a small minority. If war is used to this end, tens of millions would need to be killed, since deported citizens would probably be allowed back in eventually.

The Left is disturbed by the religious Right, but they will discover that the non-religious Right can be much more militant, like the pagans who headed the Nazi Party. In a normal world, the non-religious Right would be a rival of the religious Right. But the existential threat of the rise of the Left forces all of the Left’s enemies into an alliance.

The new “civil rights” era won’t end at all if the Left has its way:

People on the Left derive their sense of well being through their identity as protectors of the weak. They were too young to be a part of the civil rights victories of the 1950’s, so they look for new opportunities to feel morally superior to ignorant people. Because they feel shame and guilt about their personal sins, they have a driving need to feel good about themselves. The easiest way to achieve this is by adopting political opinions. For the more driven, they can be a part of the new civil rights movement. Because their personal sins will not have an end, neither will there be an end to their desire to conquer ignorance with their morally superior opinions. Bill Clinton is a good example of this, but MLK, Jesse Jackson, and many other liberals also had histories of sexual harassment and abuse.

If the US gives the Left everything they want, the Left will look for new things to demand.


The Right won’t knuckle under because some of them value what is true and right more than they value obedience to federal law. The Left can’t stop attacking Christian values because their attacks are necessary to their sense of well being. The Left will keep pushing until any room for compromise has been exhausted and a reprise of the English Civil War is experienced. In a way, the American War of Secession in 1775-1783 was a delayed aspect of the English Civil War (Puritans vs Royalists). The red states may choose to avoid or end the next civil war by seceding from the USA in this decade as they seceded from British North America in 1776.

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