Why Conservatives Are Happy to Let California Secede

SEPTEMBER 23, 2018· (notes from deleted podcast with Red-State Secession and Marcus Ruiz Evans, president of Yes California CALEXIT campaign)

I am a Christian conservative I’m a social conservative and a Trump voter living in a red state in the midwest. I am a Yankee descended from Yankees.

People who care about traditional values have become more and more horrified by federal power over the years, but especially in the Clinton and Obama years. Since Trump was inaugurated, we’ve observed that some federal judges have ceased to pretend to care about the Constitution and even circuit court judges are assuming the authority of an emperor with their nationwide rulings. And we see Congress is not nearly concerned enough about it to actually take action to reign in the jurisdiction of these courts or impeach any of them.

Marcus and I have opposite political views. Marcus greatly fears what Trump will do with federal power. I greatly fear what his choice of president would do with federal power.

But we both recognize that the lack of restraint on federal power is the problem. Before the Civil War, the federal government would never do the things that it does today because the federal government knew that the Union was a voluntary Union that states could join or leave. The will to dominate was balanced between wanting to get ones way on one hand but also wanting to keep the Union together on the other hand.

The worst legacy of the civil war is that states lost all their leverage against centralization.

So I think that our message to the 49 states of America should be that:

The only thing drastic enough to force Washington DC to permanently accept the restraints of federalism is the successful secession of a state. Because only the secession of a state will demonstrate that states have the option of leaving if their sovereignty is infringed. Only then will the USA recognize that the restraint of federalism is worth it. Only then will the Congress be sufficiently pressured to be impeach judges who ignore the Constitution to save the Union. And to restrict the jurisdiction of federal courts.

The Left has been in favor of centralization for generations, and there is no way to prevent them from abusing their power when they are in control of DC, unless we have demonstrated the successful secession of a state. Federalism is easy when it comes to small issues but the federal government can’t resist centralizing control over issues that feel non-negotiable like abortion.

So my message is that state secession is the shock that the 49 states need to regain federalism.

And if it fails to yield federalism, then California secession will provide the precedent that other states need to secede.

Some people think that it is dangerous to give all 50 states a pathway to secession. But I don’t agree. If the USA does not embrace federalism, the states could form two new federations, two new countries, one for red states and one for blue states. And purple states could allow certain red counties or blue counties to join the other country. My Facebook page describes how practical this would be. The name of the page is Peaceful Red State Secession. No one would be forced to move, but people would have the option of migrating.

Marcus and I are horrified by each others’ presidential candidates but we feel an affinity for each other because both approach the problem of federal power with the same attitudes. Which is

-that territory is less important than maintaining the peace.

-that it is unfair to California and unfair to the 49 states to continue this unhappy marriage. We don’t want the USA to be a country where 49 states have a right to imprison a sovereign state.

When Americans first hear of the idea of CALEXIT some of them are shocked at the disloyalty. They feel like the people who say you can’t fire me, I quit! Or a spouse that says you can’t divorce me, I’m going to divorce you! But if they take time to think about it, they will realize there are benefits.

Outside of California,

Some Progressives like CALEXIT because it gives them the option to move to a progressive utopia.

Some Centrists like Calexit because it reduces the gridlock in DC.

Some Conservatives like CALEXIT because it gives them some breathing room on the rise of the Left in America in two ways.

First, California would no longer vote in US elections. Currently, 12% of US Congressmen and 2 senators are from California. California is the main reason that 9th Circuit federal judges are so bad.

The second way CALEXIT helps is that it would inspire migrations to and from California that would make the other 49 states more conservative.

2 months ago and 14 months ago Zogby did a poll and both polls showed that if you give Americans a choice of letting a state secede or invading a state, only 32% support invading the state. 68% are open to the secession of the state.

Several months ago, Arizona legislators submitted a resolution supporting the secession of California. I’m in contact with other Arizona legislators who are now discussing getting such a resolution through committee to the floor for a vote.

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