We Need To Revive Dormant Nationalisms

NOVEMBER 15, 2018·

“With everyone jawing about a return to civility in American politics, we all should be reminded that American politics have never been civil. The solution was always federalism, the ability of the States to control their own “internal police.” The Constitution would not have been ratified had any “friend” of the document promised otherwise….

The real threat to civility in America has always been [American] nationalism. We don’t need to listen to people, in other States with other agendas, tell us what to do. We simply need to live and let live…” wrote Brion McClanahan.

We need to promote state sovereignty rather than escalating things to the level of the Union. When McClanahan says “nationalism” he means escalating issues to the level of the Union rather than the level of the US state. In that sense, our enemy is nationalization. But a better phrase is “allowing the central government to assert authority not delegated by the Constitution.” In other words, the threat to civility in America, the threat to peace in America, is allowing state sovereignty to be violated.

Bottom line: the real threat to the ability of states to get along is handling things at the federal level rather than at the state level. One reason this happens is that when a party controls the federal government, it feels a temptation, or a moral obligation, to use federal power.

But when we realize that we don’t seem to care too much about social policy in foreign countries, it becomes obvious that it is “American nationalism” that keeps us focused on social policy in all 50 states rather than thinking of other US states as foreign countries.

In some less populous states, we can’t really expect everyone to get super nationalistic about their own state. For many of us, a better option would be to base our nationalism on one of the 11 American nations (cultures) described by Colin Woodard (see below). Ancestry.com’s DNA map of the USA (see below) matches Woodard’s work, if one recognizes that “Greater Appalachia” is divided into a northern part and a southern part on the DNA map. Many states that are west of the original 13 colonies themselves began as colonies of one of the original 13 colonies.

Unfortunately, the Left’s desire to dominate and control has grown so strong that we can never trust them with power over the red states again, no matter what pieces of paper they are willing to sign, no matter how we amend the Constitution. They already ignore the Constitution. They will certainly continue to ignore federalism. This means that a renewal of state sovereignty (states’ rights, or federalism) can only occur in a federation of red states. The only way to defend the red states from the Left’s “will to power” is with the military defense forces and immigration control of the future red-state federation.

This will be a federation that contains multiple states and multiple nations. That’s OK, because the purpose of the federation will be just to defend the sovereignty and independence of each state. The federation will be big enough to weather economic pressure from the blue states, China and the EU.

Delve into your genealogy. What states did your forefathers fight for? Design a shirt that shows your pride in your state. For example: “Citizen of Kansas, a Sovereign State”



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