The cultures of red states will continue to be diluted until they secede

This graph makes it pretty obvious that the next president will give the vote (US citizenship) to tens of millions of potential Democrat voters from third-world countries. This poll shows that the US has more and more people who want to increase immigration, even after Trump drew attention to the issue and explained why we should reduce immigration.

The various parts of the Democrat coalition know that immigrants give their coalition votes, which they use to acquire and retain power for each of those parts of the coalition. Among foreigners who gain citizenship, well over two vote Democrat for every one that votes Republican. So immigration is becoming more popular in the US, because half the voters benefit politically from it, and corporations love cheap labor.

If we don’t secede, all 50 states will be inundated with people from the 3rd world who will need our tax money and compete for our jobs and commit crime.

Traditional Americans are becoming a smaller percentage of the vote. Under current law, almost a million foreigners get the right to vote (citizenship) each year, but the law can be relaxed at any time.

The GSS is the largest poll in the US. No poll is as authoritative as the GSS because the GSS polls so many people (twelve thousand people). This graph was made by Audacious Epigone.

Trying to persuade people to stop being Democrats is not working because if you are a Democrat today, it’s because your group gets power from the electoral success of the coalition. You can’t convince Democrat voters to turn away from any part of the coalition because they need the whole coalition to get and retain power.

There is no future for the American parts of America, without secession. And the sooner we accomplish secession, the less diluted our vote will be in each state.

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