The 2020 Census included Middle Easterners as “white”; actual Anglos on track to be minority in five years

The 2020 non-Hispanic white population was 57.8%, including “Lebanese, Egyptians” etc. The Census changed the questions between 2010 and 2020, which expands the definition of “white” to include Lebanese, Egyptians, etc. But these results are worse than you think- read on.

This question change obscured the magnitude of change in the US population of the non-Hispanic white percentage.

The 2010 non-Hispanic white population was 63.7% of US residents, with many middle-easterners categorizing themselves as “some other race” or “other Asian.” The 2020 non-Hispanic white population was 57.8%, including “Lebanese, Egyptians” etc. If we subtract all Middle Easterners from the 2020 results for non-Hispanic whites, then only 54.4% of the US is non-Hispanic non-Middle Eastern whites. That is a shocking drop from the 63.7% of 2010 – it’s a decrease of 8.7 percentage points in 10 years! At that rate of change, Anglos (European non-Hispanic whites who only check one race on census forms) will be a minority in the US in less than 4 years.

On the other hand, it’s likely that most Jews, and some Arabs, categorized themselves as “white” in the 2010 census, so Anglos did not really change 8.7 percentage points between 2010 and 2020. To estimate the rate of change, we’re going to need to subtract Middle Easterners from both censuses. Let’s assume 66% of Jews, 40% of Armenians, and 30% of other Middle Easterners (Arabs), and 20% of Iranians categorized themselves as “white” in 2010. In that case, Anglos dropped from 62% of the US to 54.4% – a 7.6 percentage-point drop, or 0.76 points per year. At that rate, Anglos will be a minority less than 5 years from now: before June 2026. The 2020 Census is supposed to be valid for June 2020.

Immigration is to blame, but we shouldn’t blame all of this on immigration. Mixed marriages are reducing the percentage of US children who are “white.” In 2020, 10% of US residents chose more than one box for race, and this article so far has been about people who only checked one race. So the percentage of people who are Anglo or partly Anglo is several points more than 54.4%. In 2010, only 3% of US residents were categorized as belonging to 2 or more races.

Another issue is the “flight from white.” This means that people who used to categorize themselves as white no longer do so. This has less to do with people like Rachel Dolezal or Elizabeth Warren, and more to do with mixed-race people who no longer call themselves white.

We should worry about the millions who’ve poured over the US/Mexico border since Biden was inaugurated, but that happened after the census.

Let this sink in. Non-Hispanic, non-Middle Eastern whites will be a minority in the US in less than five years at the 2010-2020 rate of change. How will this affect voting patterns? Republicans have won the white vote in every presidential election since the 1960’s. The reason Democrats win is people of color. Our children will eventually be persecuted for their whiteness by the majority unless we split the US and create a federation of red states that’s safe for all races.

Biden and Kamala Harris ignored a new decision of the Supreme Court, the Constitution and the rule of law when they extended a moratorium on evictions from rental property. So they may choose to expand DACA to give tens of millions of people citizenship, and therefore the right to vote in US elections. They can give the right to vote to however many foreigners they think will be enough to cause them to be re-elected, to out-vote any backlash.

The fantasy that people will learn to vote like colonial Americans just by living here is disproven by the fact that “white ethnics” still haven’t assimilated in their voting patterns. Eastern and Southern Europeans still tend to vote Democrat, because their ancestors were mostly on the bottom rung of the class structure of a very class-conscious part of Europe. This is one reason that cities vote so blue: not just the people of color, but also the “white ethnics.” Chicago is a good example of this. The descendants of colonial Americans are already a minority in the US. They are descended from the peoples of northwestern Europe. They are still the majority of most rural areas though. The whites from other parts of Europe were imported to work in factories, and still often live in cities, not the countryside.

Even if immigration were stopped next year, the difference in birth rates makes minority status for Anglos inevitable. Even including “Lebanese, Egyptians, etc”, whites are already a minority of US residents in the Census’ age category of 18 and below, the Census announced last week.

Who wants to be an ethnic minority in their own country, with no homeland in the world? Why did we do this to our kids?

This is one of the most monumental civilizational fails in world history. The rate of inflow of foreigners into the US is orders of magnitude greater than the “invasion” of the German tribes into the Roman Empire, even on a per-capita basis. We failed to pass on our country to the next generation. The US is no longer American.

The only way to prevent the entire continent from being ruled by woke immoral Twitter mobs is to split the US. This is the only way to prevent federal bankruptcy and ruin. This can start with TEXIT or Greater Idaho secession, followed by other red states joining a federation. The Texas Nationalist movement already has hundreds of people collecting signatures on a petition that has the legal power to force a non-binding secession question onto Texas 2022 primary ballots.

11 thoughts on “The 2020 Census included Middle Easterners as “white”; actual Anglos on track to be minority in five years

  1. In the northern half of the contiguous United States people of northwestern European descent still constitute a strong majority. More importantly, in that northern section of America most of the children born each year are of northwest European descent on a state by state basis.

    The sunbelt region of America unfortunately suffers a more grim demographic prognosis as only a slender fraction of children born there each year are White. Prudence therefore dictates we secede where we enjoy demographic strength; we must secede strategically and not indiscriminately. The goal must be to create a geostrategically viable White ethnostate. What land we lose now can always be reconquered later. All this may well require an exercise of collective will to power not seen since 1933, but so what? Since when has the very struggle for existence been for the faint of heart?

  2. Another horrible reminder is the fact that white American children are officially, as of typing this, a minority. 18 and under.

    This occupied country can not be saved. It is to far gone. There is no election, primarying or gerrymandering that can save us. The United States is now rotten to the core. A second American republic is the only way to save our people.

    Thank God for state secessionist movements now slightly making the mainstream. It really is the only white pill.

    But as you said, white Anglos were the ones who have set up customs and cultures of America. In this I do think that some whites, who have, generationally, been here longer, are more tied to the land on a genetic level. (Tracing my ancestry to the early 1600s.) Even among Christian groups, I do not see Catholics, Orthodox, Evangelicals, etc. as equal to Mainline Protestant Americans.

    Unfortunately separating who is truly white, or more white than others, should not be the first thing we do, rather more a of peripheral, once we secede, type of notion. It should be first naming the incompatible groups (liberal, left wing, neocon and centrists) who are in full control of certain states, while moving to more actual conservative, (bare minimum, paleocon or even paleolibertarian) states and getting involved in their communities. Not in the anti-social, cultish way, that many of those federal government “neo-nazi psyops” try and make us out to be, but in the sincere, love of your own people and love of everyone way.

    That can not be stressed enough. It can be hard for some of us to do sometimes. But never hate what others tend to do. It’s simply in their nature. That doesn’t mean to put up with it, just know that it for what is it. I have no hate for anyone. I simply prefer my people not fade away and lose total control of what was once the greatest nation to have ever been. Our people created that, but have lost their way. It is our time to save them from extinction and correct our parents and grandparents failures.

    May God guide us and have mercy on the hedonistic lifestyles our past generations “counterculture.”

    1. Nix, i think you make a lot of good points (as also does Captain Chaos and Jsbz, who are the only commenters so far).

      But i would like to point out that the more multi-cultural we become, the more likely we’ll be able to secede. For example, see Yugoslavia. Multi-cultural India has had secession movements (such as of the Sikhs) from almost the time the British set it up in 1947. So the census report can work in our favor, if it helps us pry ourselves loose from our masters.

      As long as we’ve had an empire our people have suffered, from the 120K strong, young, healthy potential fathers killed in World War I to the latest extended bungle in Central Asia.

      As always, each of us should think about secession a little each day and try to figure out ways to prepare for it, even if it is as simple as avoiding the Big Tech infrastructure in favor of something from Andrew Torba or people like him.

      PS: Red State — did you send out a mail blast for this article? I only now saw it.

      1. Of course Dan. The difference is that Yugoslavia had a Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, etc. the United States only has states. Sure there used to be racial laws on a state by state cases, but federal law now over reaches and demands compliance.

        From the beginning, back in colonial days, the United States was meant for white Protestants loyal to the crown (Plantation Act of 1740.) Up through independence are first independent naturalization act (Naturalization Act of 1790) was for “free white persons of good character” on the national level. It was even taken further in the 1820s-30s when an entire country’s founding (Liberia) was based on sending free blacks back to Africa.

        Unfortunately times have changed. You can point to the “Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965” all the way back to the 14th amendment. America has been radically changed from its original founding intent on citizenship.

        When Yugoslavia broke apart, almost every group had a place to go and call home. The United States does not. There certainly are whiter parts or blacker parts of the country, but the people who live there can’t enforce a racial segregated community. Even Indian reservations aren’t allowed to remove non Indians from their reservations. Until we have an official white designated area of the country, we will continue down towards the path of minority, than down to that of South Africa, than down to that of Rhodesia, a country so hell bent on erasing whites from its history that even the name Rhodesia does not exist anymore.

        Now race isn’t the only thing we should be segregating from. The evils of Marxist thought, perpetuated in the form of modern liberalism (or leftism all together) is the most damaging aspect on the white identity. I don’t have to tell you who is behind that. Just look at anti-apartheid (((white))) South Africans and see where our future lies.

        Unless I read this wrong and you are advocating for accelerationism (which may or may not work) we need a mass exodus of white Americans to carve out a large piece of America and be able to defend it from those who would have different ideas on what should be done with white people.

        I do appreciate your take on my comment. I can only wish the best things happen in your life. May God be with you.

        1. Thanks Nix, again, for your original comment, and also for your reply to me, and for your good wishes. I make the same wishes for you, and for all of our sisters and brothers in this struggle, whether they realize it yet or not.

          Now, we both agree on secession, and that’s the most important thing. If we can divide the US into multiple successor states it may not solve our problems, but it will surely reduce their scale; as in a software program, we may have to recurse and perform the division again and again until the political units are small enough for us to handle.

          The next question then is how to do it. I think we will come up with many answers, and we will not agree. There are Civic Nationalists and Ethnonationalists, and perhaps other distinct groups could be identified, such as Christian Nationalists. Each of these categories will have further subdivisions depending on who is to be considered part of the polity, ethnos, or elect/chosen ones. These divisions already exist, and it is important that we not fight each other, but rather recognize that all of the fingers of each hand have value. Civic Nationalism, after all, has produced the Texas Nationalist Movement, and the movement for a Greater Idaho. Ethnonationalism has produced both intellectuals and organizers, for example, historian Billy Roper of the Shield Wall Network (more about him below in reference to the mass exodus you mention). Some of the organizations are parallel, such as the American Populist Union (Civic Nationalism) and the National Justice Party (Ethnonationalism).

          Not everybody can be an Ethnonationalist, e.g., people with family members or very close friends of other races, and allies with ancestors in places like South Asia and East Asia (e.g., people like Andy Ngo); likewise, not everybody can be a Civic Nationalist — some people will not be able to fully open up and function in our multi-cultural setting: after all, there are natural, biological reasons behind Ethnonationalism.

          So there’s a big variety of approaches, and nobody will or even can back off. So even if we think it would be better to have only one voice and sing from one page, we won’t. We have to make the best of it. 🙂

          So that’s where i’m coming from: and news such as we are really close to minority status, and our children already are minorities has to be turned to our advantage somehow.

          Now, regarding your points, they concerned:
          (1) accelerationism,
          (2) exodus of our people,
          (3) Rhodesia,
          (4) South Africa,
          (5) Indian Reservations,
          (6) Yugoslavia, and
          (7) our colonial and post-colonial history.

          (1) and (2), Accelerationism and Exodus of our People:

          Dr. Greg Johnson of has likened accelerationism to attempting to win by losing. That’s pretty apt imvho, and so i’m not an accelerationist. On the other hand, Billy Roper of Northern Arkansas is explicitly accelerationist; he predicts balkanization of America as inevitable. He has put his money where his mouth is, and has organized the Shield Wall Network to lay the ground work for an ethnostate consisting of about 100 contiguous counties South West Missouri and Northern Arkansas where our people comprise 95% or more of the population; this is the region of the Ozark Mountains (actually, they’re more like hills). He had a long presence on the internet to get things rolling, but he has been radio silent since July 4, 2021 to focus on organizing IRL (“in real life”). This addresses directly your point about the need for a mass exodus of our people; there’s already one nucleus available in the Ozarks.

          (3) Rhodesia: Please search for the “betrayal of Rhodesia” for an informative, detailed account by Kiron Solari on the Return of Kings website. It was not demographics that transformed the bread basket of Africa to the basket case of Africa but rather the treachery of the British government and the unreciprocated loyalty of the Europeans in Rhodesia to the government of their mother people. I think a dose of North Korean Juche (embodying the concept of self-reliance) would have helped there. You might argue that demographics played a role, and perhaps it did, but the situation is worthy of study by anybody who is interested in new nation formation and its pitfalls.

          (4) South Africa: i agree with you here, but please note the existence of the proto-microstate Orania, as well as the movement for independence of the Cape (which i believe has support from both the European and South Asian diasporas in South Africa).

          (5) Indian Reservations: you are right about the limited control that the First Nations have over their destiny. But we should support them to the extent we can. The California National Party’s position is that after independence, the First Nations in California will have the option of either staying with the California Republic or seeking their own path. I think this is an enlightened position. (Note also that Hunter Wallace has floated a position akin to yours, i believe, in suggesting a “reservation” for Europeans. I may be mangling his idea, and yours as well, so i apologize in advance. I much prefer the Texas Nationalist Movement strategy, but circulating all of these ideas is useful.)

          (6) Yugoslavia: Yes, you are right, many residents of the Southern Slavic Country were already in place, although there was still some internal migration. It’s on us to get positioned, for those of us who can, and there’s at least one place to move to (the Ozarks), and probably more (there are sister organizations to the Shield Wall Network in Tennessee and elsewhere, i believe, but this has to be verified).

          (7) I think what you write about our Colonial history, and the various wrong forks in the road that we have taken are important and relevant. But nevertheless, caution is called for in interpreting our history. I don’t think it’s completely right to think of the early US as an ethnostate. It was sort of monoethnic (neglecting First Nations people and the slaves forcibly relocated from Africa), but it was not an ethnostate in a useful way: How could it tolerate the hardship imposed on the working class created by plantations gobbling up all the good land and not even providing jobs, but rather bringing in foreigners to work it? An ethnostate must do much better than this; the same principle that should have kept out slaves should also keep out endless immigration to keep down the price of labor. Somehow, the ethnostate must be clear in its founding documents that the welfare of the existing people trumps economic considerations when they are in conflict.

          Further, i think there may need to be a period of ethnogenesis before there can be an ethnostate. After all, a great number of our people don’t even see a theoretical value to an ethnostate. I think we were involved in ethnogenesis in the 19th century, but it was constantly undermined by schemings of the ruling class, and our understanding of our own history and principles was not clear enough.

          Anyhow, i don’t want to rant on and on about this.

          But despair is never called for, we just all have to work a little every day for secession because all paths to a brighter future pass through secession. And thanks for discussing it with me. 🙂 🙂

          Oh, one last thing, on re-reading i guess it isn’t clear that i’m a Civic Nationalist, and i support the Texas Nationalist Movement. However, i do have an interest in ethostates.

  3. This is why the leftist establishment has worked so hard to stigmatise any skepticism of leftwing immigration policy as unqualified racism.

  4. Patriotism is born of emotional attachment to the country one grows up in. Its not possible for immigrants to possess that quality. This is why immigration is so important to leftists.

  5. It seems like there is some white nationalist sentiment in the comments. My reading of the blog post was that it is describing how demographic change affects voting patterns, but was not making an argument for white nationalism.

    I don’t personally want racial nationalism, and i think an association with white nationalism is likely to doom any efforts at secession. My motivation for secession is cultural and ideological, and I believe that is what most people interested in secession are motivated by.

    1. Hi Jsbz,

      You have a good point, but we want to avoid internecine combat.

      You don’t have to actually be a white nationalist to be denounced as a white supremacist. In fact, you don’t even have to be white to be called a white supremacist: Larry Elder, who is a black candidate for governor in the California gubernatorial recall election this September, has been labelled as a white supremacist by the LA Times.

      I think in terms of messaging we can follow the lead of Daniel Miller, who leads the Texas Nationalist Movement: this is not about white people but about people who want their freedom back, and would like to reassert control of their own future. And he’s telling the literal truth: a Red State America, consisting of Texas and probably one or two dozen other states or parts of states, will certainly be multi-racial, but much more culturally cohesive.

      I think Blue America will fragment, especially if they keep up their foreign wars in the Middle East and elsewhere. Those looking to found ethnostates — such as a Nueva Aztlan or a New Albion — may be able to prise apart something from what remains of Blue America.

      And if Red State America follows stupid policies, like getting involved in distant wars, it will face the same fate. But i think if we have election integrity in Red State America, and can figure out how to keep the media from being owned by a small number of New York families, we’ll do just fine.

    2. I hate to be the one to break this to you, but even John Stuart Mill (The Classical Liberal), believed his political philosophy was viable only within the context of ethnic homogeneity. Meaning it was intended strictly for England and not for export. Clearly he did not believe all peoples the world over are fungible and interchangeable; which is I’m afraid what someone of your mindset would be forced to conclude, if you were absolutely intellectually serious about bringing things to their logical conclusion.

      If Bantus and Chinamen are as racially/genetically capable of carrying on our Western civilization as are pure-blooded Europeans then what does it matter if we are eventually bred out and replaced by them, you may think. But the hard truth of the matter is that they are not, and no intellectually serious and honest person has ever believed that they are.

      We do not seek to deny any other people their place under the sun, we just want our own. Justice and morality in that respect on OUR side, and not the other way around.

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