Soft Secession: Autonomous Regions

Here’s an option for the U.S. that sounds less radical than secession. It could be called an extreme form of autonomy. Let the red-state federation and the blue-state abomination become two separate countries in every way, except that they continue to share the federal reserve & currency (if that’s the popular choice), and share a military, which would consist of the military of each red state and the military of the blue-state entity. There would be no government above the government of the red-state federation or above the government of the blue-state entity. The two halves would hold in common, as peers, the military of the US. The military would be led by someone called the “Commander in Chief,” the only official left who would still be elected by all the people of the USA. He would be someone different from the president of the blue states and different from whoever leads the red-state federation. The blue-state entity would have a president, Congress, and judiciary at Washington DC. None of these would have any power or jurisdiction over red states. The red states would have their own constitution, which would presumably respect states’ rights.

The commander in chief would only have jurisdiction over defense from foreign adversaries, like a secretary of defense. The red states would no longer have to fear that the US would send the FBI or judicial rulings to strip their rights. There would be no US agents to impose penalties, taxes, or enforce laws. Only red states or the red-state federation would have laws and enforcement of laws in red-state territory. A red state’s military would be deterrent enough to prevent pressure on the state from other states.

The Commander in Chief would have a staff funded by both halves of the US, but no weapons. The weapons are held by the military of each red state, and by the military of the blue-state country.

The Commander in Chief would be responsible for “diplomacy” when it comes to to military issues. The Congress of the blue-state entity would have to agree with the Congress of the red-state federation before war were declared. The main tasks of diplomats are better left to these two halves of the US separately: visas (immigration), promoting businesses, trade deals (tariffs), and foreign aid.

The two parts of the US could still eventually split, and that’s OK.

Our motivation for suggesting this middle path is that it might be easier to convince people to accept it as compared to secession. The US would still exist in some sense, and the two halves could be described as “autonomous regions” of the US.

Sammy Edwards writes :

It is easy to find countless examples of examples of unruly regions and ethnicities granted “self-rule” in exchange for ceding foreign policy powers to the central government. States have made it abundantly clear on countless occasions that they’re willing to tolerate local autonomy for various populations so long as the state retains the preponderance of control over military and diplomatic affairs. This was the case throughout much of the nineteenth century within the British Empire. It has been the case for countless difficult-to-unite populations in Latin America, Africa, and Asia. This reality is reflected in the existence of self-governing client states.

12 thoughts on “Soft Secession: Autonomous Regions

  1. Secession has been on my mind for a while now. Sadly I see it as an unlikely (not impossible) thing to occur. But total secession must absolutely happen. Voting can never work. Even if the powers that be would allow a fair 2024 election to take place, this administration will grant mass amnesty to the 30 million, or many many more, illegals already residing in our once great nation. It will also introduce an open border policy and be more than willing to invite the bulk of the third world in. These actions will make sure no even the most vaguely right wing to America first movement can ever take place or come close to winning an election. We need “hard” secession to survive.

    1. AGREED. With all that I’ve seen, there is NO WAY for the decent, hard working people of red states to abide by what the criminal swamp in DC, (soon to become a state, which is INSANE because it’s the seat of govt), and the rest of the blue states are doing. They are absolute LUNATICS and criminals. The PENTAGON is saying that climate change is a threat to America’s security? WHA?? Look at what Robinhood just did for the “pick their bones clean”, Hedge fund traders, at the behest of the Biden Admin.. and yeah now, let EVERYONE in- no health checks, give them money to live, give them SS, all the blue states have STOLEN funds from law enforcement using the “Defund the Police” mantra insanity, and if you look at the list of criminals Biden has appointed to his cabinet- (it’s just such a JOKE that that guy is Pwezzadent), they’re ALL America-hating criminals. they’re going to pack the Supreme Court that’s already useless as it is, abolish the electoral college.. I WANT OUT!! They can spend THEIR tax money aborting babies at 9 mos old, when you have to dismantle the baby to death, in the womb.. NOT to mention the rage against Christianity. I’ll bet half our military would come with us if Trump wants to lead the way! We GOTTA GET AWAY from the Zombie Apocalypse.

  2. I agree w/Nix. The open border and total amnesty would erase any vesture of a country with American culture and customes. Individual “state” countries responsible for their own military, taxes, and vetting would preserve it. If any state “wants” to bring in the “world”, then “they” can. The states of “we the people” should NOT be forced to “integrate” with no vetting. If government is “forcing” this issue of “cancel culture” then…”we the people” have ALL the right to “force” back. If we die, then we die. But…to just allow our culture, our “we the people” be TAKEN from us through “diplomacy” and “trying to get along” when their object is to destroy America as we and our forefathers have bled and died to protect is…IMMORAL and Unrighteous evil.

  3. It looks like autonomy, or increased self-government, is frequently offered as an alternative to secession. I believe both Scotland and Quebec were granted increased autonomy in order to defuse secession efforts. And i think FH Buckley is pushing such a strategy in his recent book on secession (note: i have not bought it, let alone read it, so this is just my guess based on the reports about it).

    So i think that if our efforts gain any traction, some kind of autonomy may be put on the table.

    So from this perspective, it is very important to consider how we should respond. And we will have to respond, because an offer of autonomy is also a political move to paint our masters in a flattering light as tolerant and willing to compromise. So we can’t just ignore autonomy ideas that are being floated.

    The outline in this essay are a good start: we certainly want our own military, and we certainly want to preserve our culture, so we do not want judicial review of our laws by a hostile foreign elite. So these are important points. The selection of commander-in-chief by election could be a problem, because who would want to trust our adversaries’ election system? And they will be inclined to inflate their population with millions of low-wage workers.

    If we are maneuvered into autonomy instead of secession, we should still aim to separate (as the essay says), and take all long term action necessary: education, self-reliance, and respect for our ancestors who after all put together our civilization.

  4. The easiest path is not always most likely to succeed. The current problem lies not only in the corruption permeating the presidency, Congress, and the Supreme Court. These are only the obvious seats of power. Hidden in offices throughout the nation, a new seat of power has grown throughout the past sixty years or so, a bureaucratic power with initials like IRS, FBI, NSA, CIA, ATF, CFR, and DHS. Should we attempt to fix the system, we will quickly discover these agencies are terribly inflexible and absolutely unfixable. Kennedy attempted to handle the CIA during his administration. He failed, having died mysteriously in Sixty-Three. Isn’t it funny how that worked out?

    They like their place and power and won’t let anyone take it away, even a president. They want the whole cake will not work with the American people in some sort of particle, pseudo secession. The only way to escape tyranny is to escape tyranny with a clean break.

    All things considered, there are three possible avenues of escape: revolution, civil war, and secession. The first two options are terrifying and unpredictable. The Russians revolted against their Czar and then promptly lost their new republic to the Bolsheviks. The South fought the North for State’s Rights and lost to the North’s superior manufacturing.

    Although secession could trigger a civil war, as the last one did, if worked right, it could be bloodless. Even if secession brings war, it is preferable to wasting time with a program doomed to fail before it gets started. Secession must be full and complete no matter what.

    The prophets had warned us, Orwell, The John Birch Society, books like None Dare Call It Treason, etc. However, the people did not listen. In not listening, we now find ourselves in one hell-of-a pickle. It is not too late to save our liberty. However, if we wait too long, the agencies will pick us off one at a time in our homes and offices. Once they have fully entrench their power, then it may be too late. Go see the YouTube video of a recent White House press conference on the government’s plan to handle the dissenters. It’s eye opening. Two days into the new administration, and they have already pulled the trigger. (White House launches ‘comprehensive threat assessment’ on domestic extremism)

    Listen to liberty’s most vocal advocate from the past: “Honour, justice, and humanity, forbid us tamely surrender that freedom which we received from our gallant ancestors, and which our innocent posterity have a right to receive from us. We cannot endure the infamy and guilt of resigning succeeding generations to that wretchedness which inevitably awaits them, if we basely entail hereditary bondage upon them.” (Thomas Jefferson, 6 July 1775)

    In the end, we either rise for freedom or timidly surrender to slavery. As for me, I desire liberty.

  5. Richard is right. I am also for peaceful secession. We have to secede now while we have the chance. The secession has to be complete. A partial secession will do us no good— this country’s government is rotten to the core and cannot be trusted. We need to get this country back to one nation under God with liberty and justice for all.

    God Bless

  6. As a card carrying member of UCA (United Communities of America)(dot com) I will say that the vast majority of members want constitutionalist red states to secede from the United States. The most prevalent reasons are: Protection against immigration into their communities, protection against federally imposed health/safety laws and/or restrictions, and protection from IRS personal capital extortion. (UCA strongly favors abolition of the FED and IRS). If a semi-autonomous state could provide these protections the idea might be accepted, but I think the idea of sem-auto states, which isn’t a bad idea in theory, would probably not be very effective in practice. At best, it might serve as a transitional pacifier for states who will band together and secede eventually. The ideological differences in America today are irreconcilable. That means…grounds for divorce (secession) There’s no chance of patching up the dysfunctional relationship between Constitutionalists and socialists. I strongly recommend that everyone who cares about the future of a free and just Constitutionally balanced America read the new book “UNITED STATES OF MIND: Patriots Plan To Save America”. It’s available at the above mentioned website… an eye opener for sure.

  7. I agree with the essays above completely. I offer this suggestion if the red states secede in the entirety of the present divisions the blue states would be reduced to relying on the red states for food, fuel, a huge amount of manufactured products and money. Many very large corporations have migrated to the south in recent years. Who would support the excesses of the coastal empires if they were unable to suck fortunes from the fly-over states. How would Newsome and Cuomo keep up their wasteful antics. Would many of the north central states decide to join in the red states, it could be to their benefit.

  8. Don’t we have enough senseless bureaucracy in this de facto government as it is and dividing our state into further division is not the answer. It is not about us against them. We all must learn to work together and be open to new information. If you really want to take back this country from this de facto government that is no longer working for “We The People” then join your State Assemblies in each state and be apart of making change happen. Dividing our state is not the answer. Go to the website and get involved by contacting your state coordinators. You have a choice. Since you were born you have been presumed to be operating as a British Territorial U.S. Citizen or as a Municipal citizen of the United states when in fact you are an American. This is how they are getting away with it. This is how they are evading their obligations to honor our constitutions. This is how they are getting away by ramrodding people thru their court systems. This is how they have been backing the Internal Revenue Service. This whole mess is a fraudulent double ended impersonation scheme. All patriots need to go to the website above now and be apart of the solution. Join us.

  9. Here is a slightly different approach. In addition to a Commander in Chief, we add a Foreign Secretary and the head of the Federal reserve. All three can be elected by the combined popular vote of both red and blue entities. The Foreign Secretary can execute trade agreements, treaties and diplomatic ties. The Federal Reserve functions as it does now.

    Absolute secession won’t work at first whereas this compromise solution would be acceptable to the Blue States. Overtime, there would be substantial emigration from Blue States to Red State America. Red States can stop illegal immigration which would route these people to California (or Arizona if they are dumb enough to go blue). With wise non-interventionist and tax policies, Red America will enjoy massive economic growth along with high quality immigration from blue states (after meeting rigid entrance requirements). Blue states with their socialist mentality will shrink and die a slow death. The military will be overwhelmingly Red State volunteers as opposed to Blue State Karens who couldn’t handle an AR-15 if their lives depended on it. Certain blue states will come to their senses and seek to join the red state confederation. However, if we are going to convince northern blue state liberals to buy into this “semi secession” idea, we have to be quiet about future projections.

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