Poll: 50% of Louisianians want to secede. Only 7% of Americans would fight it.

Exactly half of Louisianians want Louisiana to “peacefully become an independent country, along with other conservative states,” according to a poll by SurveyUSA, a top-rated pollster. 58% of Louisiana Republicans and 41% of Louisiana Democrats agreed. The poll of 625 Louisianians was supported by similar polls of seven other states.

Other states were not as sure, except Texas, where 66% of voters expressed that opinion. This week, the Republican Party of Texas announced that 90% of its delegates voted to make an independence referendum a part of the Party’s platform.

As for how to respond if Texas, California, or Hawaii voted to become independent countries, eight states, except the states in question, were asked. Only 3 to 9 percent of any state think a military attack should be considered for any of these three states. 6% of Louisianians think the US should attack Texas if it becomes independent. Averaging the 8 states, 56% think California and Texas should be allowed independence without penalty, and 59% said the same for Hawaii. The remaining 35% to 38% think that economic sanctions are the strongest penalty that should be considered.

58% of Louisiana voters who expressed an opinion want Louisiana to hold a referendum on separating from the US, including most Republicans and most Democrats. The idea of Congress splitting the US into two countries – one country of conservative states, and one country of liberal states – was supported by 55% of Louisiana Republicans who expressed an opinion.

State Defense Forces

Louisianians were asked this question:

Some states have a state defense force that answers to the governor, not to the president. It serves the state’s needs even when the president sends the state’s National Guard elsewhere. Do you support or oppose the idea of your state imitating Utah’s new law that allows that state’s National Guard to transfer equipment to the state defense force?

Of those who expressed an opinion, 63% were in favor, including 71% of Republicans and 58% of Democrats.

State Cooperation with Federal Law

Six states were asked this question:

The North Dakota House of Representatives passed a bill to create a process for the state legislature to forbid state government or local government cooperation with federal actions that violate the US Constitution. Would you support or oppose a law like this for your state?

66% of Louisianians who expressed an opinion supported the idea, as did 75% of Republicans and 53% of Democrats.

Yes, States Can Withdraw from the US

The Civil War showed that states can be conquered, but this poll shows that modern Americans are much more respectful of self-determination than their ancestors.  

Unfortunately, legacy newsrooms have been depleted to the point that they don’t know who to ask about the constitutionality of withdrawing from the Union. The most dependable information comes from experts who have done the most research on the issue. Click here for links to their work.

To see the full results of the poll on SurveyUSA’s website, click here.

5 thoughts on “Poll: 50% of Louisianians want to secede. Only 7% of Americans would fight it.

  1. I wonder if the reason the secession desire is 66% in Texas while “only” 50% in Louisiana is because of the Texas Nationalist Movement?

    If so that would show that joining a state secession group can be an effective move, and may be enough to tip the balance.

    Now, as to the legacy media, i’m afraid they’ve been biased and working against our people since before World War I. So they won’t give us a fair shake, whether they are understaffed or overstaffed. But we can work around them, as the Texas Nationalist Movement is doing.

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