Men have a right to work

People have a God-given right to try to survive and provide for their families. When enough people have run out of money, they will band together and fight for their families.

The challenge is to direct them toward the top of the ruling class rather than the police, or looting. The police will be on our side if we replace the elite who are in charge.

Stop dreaming about what you’ll do to the swat team at your door and start focusing on the head of the snake: the ruling class. Judges totally ignore the people, your rights, your ability to retaliate, and they feel no fear in doing it.

If someone comes to get your guns, just get another gun and spend your life making a difference. The ruling class can always buy more swat team members. It’s only when you hit them themselves that they feel the pain.

This should be your goal this month. Direct the anger toward the wealthy ruling class that controls the US: the media, federal judges, federal politicians, academia, Leftist NGO’s. Their incompetence is deadly and unaffordable.

When enough of the ruling class feel under attack, they will try for gun confiscation. That’s when more people will be provoked to join the fight.

When chaos happens, the people of a red state can declare a date when they will be independent, and negotiate the terms of their exit from the Union with Congress.

The best endgame is not trying to rule over the Left. They have more power than us. Let them keep something so that we can gain control of some territory. Ruling them is not worth the blood and cost. Let only the red states be our redoubt.

The right wing has the guns to take power temporarily, but we don’t have enough institutional power or attention span to fight the Left and the ruling class over the long haul. Let the Left have the blue states, and then we can handle the electoral fight against the ruling class within the red states.

At least there, in the red states, we will have enough voters so that Leftists won’t win elections. In the politics of the future red states, RINO’s can lead one coalition, and the right wing can be the other political party.

Look, I’m disappointed in a lot of our Republican governors too. Some of them can be thrown out in party primaries. I’m not saying secession fixes everything. I’m just saying it’s an improvement that gives the conservative movement a greater ability, a position of strength, to implement any other plans for how to fix our society.

After secession, some Leftists will move out and some conservatives will move in. The most conservative states will have more states’ rights to be truly conservative, and the power to guard those rights.

Let’s start a new hashtag: #RevolutionaryRight #RightToWork #NoLockDown

The right to peaceably assemble is in the Bill of Rights and can not be waived by a governor. SCOTUS applies the Bill of Rights to states via the 14th Amendment.

Most American households don’t have enough cash to go two weeks without pay. The ruling class didn’t even consider the working class when they decided to shut down businesses. They have no plan for helping you make rent.

Don’t feel ashamed of your financial situation. Get angry at the ruling class that intentionally ruined Americans’ finances and make them feel the pain. We can’t afford to be ruled by a class that doesn’t understand or even consider us.

We need to build a movement of people pushed out of work and help them understand who the enemy is.

We have a list of ruling class villains here:

I love it when governors or presidents ignore the constitution and start spewing dictates as if they were declaring martial law because martial law means that whoever has the most guns says what the law is. The right wing has way more guns than the government does. If the right wing can organize effectively, the right wing should be able to take over.

Some of people don’t have internet access to watch church, either because it’s not available in our area or it’s too expensive there. Catholics can’t get the sacrament of holy communion (The Lord’s Supper, the eucharist) without meeting a priest in person.

The governor has no authority over churches. The governmental structures of the church and of the state are both appointed by God. They are distinct spheres of authority. Neither can cancel the meetings of the other. Can a church cancel Roe v Wade?

Seriously, if the Constitution is a tradition that is no longer relevant, then remaining in the Union is a tradition that is no longer relevant.

If governors are no longer constrained by law, then neither is the militia.
It’s time to create a federation of red states that will follow the rule of law, the written constitution consented to by the states, respecting the sovereignty of the people of each state.

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