List of Prominent People who Publicly Advocated for Secession from the U.S.

This list are just the prominent people or authors published in well-known publications that we’ve come across. You can find far more on Google.

Celebrities in favor of splitting the USA:

Peter Thiel, cofounder PayPal, first outside investor in Facebook

Bruce Willis

Penn Gillette (of Penn & Teller)

Ron Paul

Perez Hilton

Thom Hartmann, #1 progressive radio show host

Graham Ledger, One America News Network (OANN)

Jesse Columbo, Forbes,

Kaitlin Bennett

Prof. John Kenneth Galbraith, Harvard economist and Ambassador

George Kennan, creator of the cold war “containment” strategy and the Truman Doctrine

Stephen Moore, coauthor of Trumponomics, nominee for Federal Reserve Board.

State Representatives and State Senators who have sponsored or advocated for bills conducive to future state secession:
California Assembly Majority Whip Evan Low

Arizona state Reps Mark Finchem and David Stringer

Utah state Rep Paul Ray

Texas state Reps: Leo Berman, James White, Steve Toth, Phil Stephenson, Greg Bonnen, Dan Flynn, Doc Anderson, Cecil Bell, Dennis Bonnen, Phil King, Wayne Smith, Bill Zedler

N. Carolina state Reps Michael Speciale, George Cleveland, Larry Pittman

S. Carolina state Reps Jonathan Hill, Mike Pitts, Ashley TranthamN. Dakota state rep. Luke Simons

Oklahoma state senator Joseph SilkFamous

Authors of articles in favor of splitting the USA:

Garrison Keillor (Democrat), author of A Prairie Home Companion–its-not-me-its-you/2016/11/21/92d7c884-b005-11e6-be1c-8cec35b1ad25_story.html
Rich Lowry, the editor of National Review
Prof. Walter E. Williams, George Mason University
Ann Coulter, author whose book Adios America led to Trump’s election
John Stossel
Pat Buchanan, senior advisor to Nixon, Ford, Reagan
William S. Lind (fourth-generation warfare expert) Judge Andrew Napolitano, FoxNews
Angelo Codevilla
Joseph Farah
Vox Day
Col. Kurt Schlichter (ret.)

Democrat Authors of articles in favor of splitting the USA:

Kevin Baker The New Republic
Joshua Holland, The Nation, Salon.
J Paul Vandevelder Los Angeles Times
Amie Steihm US News & World Report
Bonnie Kristian
Lee Siegel Daily Beast
Michael Tomasky, Daily Beast Sasha Issenberg (Proposes state compacts instead of secession)
Ginger Strand novelist,
Miles Mogulescu HuffPost
Harry Cheadle
Maegan Carberry, Salon, Huffpost,

Republican or Libertarian Authors of articles in favor of splitting the USA:

Paul Starobin, Wall Street Journal
Dr. Tom Woods
Jeff Deist, President of the Mises Institute
Lew Rockwell
Ilana Mercer
Wayne Allen Root, TV producer
Christopher Roach
Paul Gottfried
Michael Malice
James Ronald Kennedy and Walter Kennedy, authors of The South was Right
Brion McClanahan
Daniel J Mitchell at, Cato Institute
Jesse Kelly
Star Parker
Daniel Horowitz (advocating for contemplating it)
Prof. Michael Filozof,
Harry Dent, financial pundit
Peter Schiff, best-selling author of Crash Proof 2.0
Adam Kokesh Youtube freedom activist Adam vs. The Man 246k subscribers
Blondeinthebellyofthebeast 110k subscribers Youtube
Ryan Faulk, Youtuber Alternative Hypothesis (50k subscribers)
Audacious Epigone
Hunter Wallace
Fred Reed
John Hawkins, PJ media
Robert Gore, novelist
Graham Ledger
Doug Coleman, attorney and amateur historian
Jared Whitley, National Review, Weekly Standard,
Timothy Philen,
Samuel Culper, Forward Observer
Matt Bracken, American Partisan
David French, senior writer for National Review (predicts split but advocating for federalism instead)
Rod Dreher (advocates cultural secession, predicts national partition)
Ben Shapiro (does not advocate, but sees the possibility)
Erick Erickson (retracted)
Lord Christopher Monckton, advisor to Margaret Thatcher
James Cantrell
Thomas L. Knapp
Richard Rider chairman, San Diego County Taxpayers Assocation
Prof. Jason Sorens, founder Free State ProjectSeton Motley, Heartland Institute
Dr. Paul Chabot,
Ryan McMaken editor of Mises Wire and The Austrian
Gary North, economist
Terry Garlock, The Citizen (local newspaper)

Molotov Mitchell

Authors of Books in favor of splitting the USA:

Dr. Michael H. Hart, developer of the Fermi-Hart paradox, author of Restoring America

F.H. Buckley, Professor of Law at George Mason University, editor of The Spectator, author of American Secession: The Looming Threat of a National Breakup,

Prof. Murray Rothbard, Prof. Thomas DiLorenzo (Loyola), Prof. Hans-Hermann Hoppe, and others in Secession, State and Liberty ed. David Gordon, Steven Yates

Douglas MacKinnon, author of The Secessionist States of America, press secretary to Bob Dole and the Pentagon

Daniel Miller, head of Texas Nationalist Movement, author of TEXIT and Line in the Sand (soon to be re-released)

Prof. Donald Livingston, ed. Rethinking the American Union for the Twenty-First Century, Dr. Thomas DiLorenzo, Prof. Marshall DeRosa, Kirkpatrick Sale, Yuri Maltsev, Kent Masterson Brown, and Rob Williams

Marcus Ruiz Evans, president Yes California, author of California’s Next Century

Founding Fathers who said secession is legal:

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Benjamin Franklin, Patrick Henry, James Monroe, John Jay, and most of the founding fathers.

Also Alexis de Toqueville, and Abraham Lincoln (in 1848)

Abolitionists who advocated secession: William Lloyd Garrison and Ralph Waldo Emerson

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