Jan 6 was dangerous to whom?

The men who broke into the Capitol building: to whom are they dangerous?  They are only dangerous to those who are stealing the presidential election and those who certify it and enforce it. This means that they are attempting to defend the Constitution – defend the rightful authority in America.

Contrast that with Antifa and DemSoc (DSA), who are dangerous to anyone who stands in the way of their goal of making all of America dependent financially on their socialist handouts. Contrast it with BLM, who attack people for their race and want to impose reparations by force. These groups are dangerous to more than half of Americans, but not the men of Jan 6.  

The public is right to regard BLM and Antifa as more dangerous than the men of Jan 6, irrespective of race.

The American regime wants to use the idea that we are “dangerous” to ostracize us and get us fired. But not BLM or Antifa.

Social Media as state media

The media that most people consume is owned by only 6 corporations, which are owned by Democrats (even Fox News now). Even Fox News and NewsMax seem to want to conform to the American regime’s narrative now. Although Leftists outnumber conservatives on YouTube, Reddit, and Twitter, Leftists are outnumbered on Facebook.

Facebook is rapidly conforming to the desires of Democrats because they recognize that Democrats will be in charge of all three branches of US government, and their profits will be decimated by regulation (removal of section 230) if they don’t comply with the desires of the Democrat Party.  The leverage government is now willing to apply to social media companies makes them state media (government-controlled media) now. 

Many people on MeWe are reporting that they were permanently banned from Facebook or got 30-day bans.  This is especially true of admins. Facebook will continue to have more conservatives than Leftists, but the proportion will change a lot.  Many of us don’t want to put money and effort into a company that can ban us at any moment without recourse.

Conservatives need access to social media to get their message out, because corporations have a financial incentive to avoid offending the American regime.  Only laymen have little to lose by posting the truth (within legal limits).

Gab owns their own hardware so they are less vulnerable to Big Tech pressure than others, and they have chosen to defend free speech within legal limits (such as incitement of a riot, which is a crime). They depend on Section 230 to protect them from libel lawsuits. We could have hoped that under Trump’s administration, the FCC would have declared that Facebook does not qualify for Section 230.  But they didn’t.  As long as conservatives’ message mostly gets shared through social media, we shouldn’t want to eliminate Section 230 for the good companies.

Did the storming of the Capitol come from Social Media?

Social media increases the speed, quality, and quantity of conservative content reaching conservative eyeballs, but the message that the election is being stolen was going to get out with or without social media.  The natural, organic response to this information was to wait for our legal process to play out.  When it became clear that our last chance for a legal remedy was exhausted, the natural response was to try extralegal methods.  That last legal remedy would have been Pence refusing to open the envelopes of fraudulent votes, but he didn’t do that.  The natural response doesn’t require an organizer or a conspiracy or planning.  It’s pretty obvious in hindsight that there was no planning because not much happened in DC that appeared organized.  

Is it over?

We predict that some of the men of Jan 6 won’t give up. We think that they were only unarmed this time because they were still hoping for a legal remedy from Pence.  Media are reporting that there is planning for more efforts.

As long as there was a chance that politicians would stand up to stop the stealing of the election, militias held back. They didn’t bring weapons to DC on Jan 6 because they hoped a peaceful demonstration would encourage Pence to not open envelopes from fraudulently chosen electors. When that didn’t happen, they forced their way into the Capitol building to try to make their voice heard and delay the fraudulent proceedings.

Don’t think that the militias are done. Jan 6 was only the first day that they recognized that they will have to resist without the help of our elected officials. If our ruling class thinks that they can force a fraudulent president on red states without a cost, they will find they are mistaken.

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4 thoughts on “Jan 6 was dangerous to whom?

  1. I don’t want to get off on too much of a tangent about social and networking media, but since you mention being dumped by Runbox (which is entirely possible), have you considered running your own email server?

    Luke Smith made a video on how to do this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zP7qooM4pY

    Regarding Luke, he’s probably not one of us (i.e., probably not a secessionist, not yet, anyway), but he’s the kind of guy we’d want in our new state. He’s self-sufficient in computer matters, and he lives in a rural area, and i think has good values, including a good work ethic. That’s my impression, anyway. And he produces a lot of videos about taking control of your computer life (mail server, web page, etc).

    We’re trying to form a new state, and we cannot rely on the infrastructure controlled by the very enemies who are trying to deny us our freedom.

    I think each secessionist content creator should own just as much of his own means of production as is possible.

    We can’t abandon social networking sites, but we can leave URLs on our pages pointing to our own sites, such as this one. (And thanks for running this site, btw, it is a great service to the cause.)

  2. I am writing primarily as a test to see if this reply makes it through the blog censorship/approval process. But, I will also make this comment.

    Conservative states must secede if we are to preserve truth, justice and the American way, but Individuals and communities can and must also secede, at least to some extent, by independent and self reliant lifestyle (which involves self discipline and a degree of self imposed austerity and lifestyle modification) along with a stalwart code of non-compliance and civil disobedience against unconstitutional laws, regulations and directives. The free thinking, God loving, liberty thirsty, Constitution supporting American patriot can personally secede on moral, economic and spiritual grounds if he and she have the self determination to do so whether or not the state in which they reside formally recedes or not.

    Secession is first, a personal choice and political movement of conscientious resolve that begins in our heart and our own backyard. I urge every authentic American to read the powerful book, UNITED STATES OF MIND: Patriot’s Plan To Save America. Available at united communities of america(dot com). The darkness in a room is vanquished by the light of one candle… And remember always, the dark satanic force may cause much turmoil in the world, but only for a time. In the end, satan is cast into a pit. That’s the way the story in the Good Book goes. Faith, conviction and courage are the basic hand tools of secession.

    1. Thomas — welcome! And thanks for posting.

      First, regarding moderation, i imagine that RedState does that himself, and it is absolutely necessary because of spam, trolling, and perhaps fed posting.

      Second, i think your points are absolutely correct.

      We must become just as self-reliant as we can.

      In terms of the software, that means providing just as much of the stack as we can, down to the bare hardware.

      It’s crazy to depend our those who oppress us for our communication.

      And second, we must be very very patient.

      Even if the Texit vote coming up is favorable, there will be a lot of maneuvers the Establishment makes to try to keep us corralled. Hopefully the time is measured in years not decades, or decades and not generations, but we’ll see! “He that shall endure to the end shall be saved.” 🙂

  3. Am not a conservative. Am not a democrat either, but rather am independent of political affiliation. Am in favor of secession as the factions are incompatible, their differences irreconcilable, a split inevitable. So it took just 170 years or so from the founding of Jamestown in 1607 to the beginning of the Revolutionary War in 1776 for the colonists to transform from being Englishmen to being Americans. 245 years later Americans have moved further apart from one another in matters of culture, economics, politics, especially in terms of values, lifestyles, habits, outlooks even views on reality. They need to have separate countries. In actuality there are more than two factions as the progressives and main-stream democrats are not the same nor are the libertarians and Republicans. Let each go their own way so each one will not be under the other one’s thumb lest each be at one another’s throat.

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