If they won’t trade with you, then you’re not a part of their nation

Chase Bank, cloud companies, and other corporations are increasingly cancelling customers for their beliefs. Ali Alexander’s domain name was deleted such that he won’t be able to use it until it’s released, it it’s ever released.  He won’t be able to bring it to another domain provider. (Note: the only safe place to buy a domain name for conservatives that we know of is Epik.com).

At what point does this feel like an embargo?  In international relations, an embargo is an act of war.

Now, we could try to use the same “public accommodations” lawsuits that gay men used to make Masterpiece Bake Shop participate in a gay “wedding.”  But so far these companies have found ways to say that we’re violating their “terms of service.” 

You could argue that Parler will do well after it is revived, but what if Parler board members who live in blue cities are threatened with having the power to their house cut off? The mayor of Los Angeles shut off the power to a house that held a party during the lockdown.

When a group of people get split into two camps, and one of the camps is no longer even willing to trade with the other, then the two camps are no longer one nation. They are two nations. The USA and USSR didn’t trade with each other because they wanted to force each other to capitulate. They were in a cold war. As Angelo Codevilla has pointed out, the Left, in partnership with the ruling class, is waging a cold war against American Americans, the half of the US who still hold the beliefs that were considered normal in the 1980s in the US.

If we can’t trade together, we should acknowledge that we are not one nation, and form independent states. A state is a group of people who trade with each other and defend each other from foreign threats, among other things. The members of a state (a polity) want to strengthen the commerce of their polity so that the polity can survive competition with other states.

We need to create parallel institutions.  You might make a lot of money creating the conservative alternative in an industry that cancels patriots. But the only way to protect those institutions from being crushed by monopolistic economic forces or government power is to defend them on red-state territory with red-state armies.

To top it all off, the American half of the US is discriminated against in the justice system, and subject to an ever-growing dragnet: “American supporters of Donald Trump are being rounded up, imprisoned, transported to the nation’s capital, and likely bankrupted over relatively minor crimes to stoke the narrative that an “insurrection” occurred last month.” https://amgreatness.com/2021/02/04/americas-political-prisoners-first/

6 thoughts on “If they won’t trade with you, then you’re not a part of their nation

  1. If we were to build a new nation from the worlds the newest military junta, the United States, it would need to be built by the new up and coming independent American. A completely isolated nation with no need for importations of goods that would only put us into debt and absolutely no trade from a evil nation such as the United States. Economic nationalism with only high tariffs on exports. We are the creative side of Americans. We are the productive side that cares about its fellow labor force. The United States is a not a nation anymore, they are more akin to a big single business that welcomes third world labor to replace its current whiter populace, in turn destroying the ***** ancestors who alone created the once great United States. They replaced our Christian God with two new gods. The graceful loser republicans worship for their new god “GDP” and the democrats polytheistic (the flu, global warming, pocs, and an endless string of many more) worship under the single banner of “progress,” it is the white American that is being sacrificed at both alters.

    As you can tell I have no allegiance to the United States anymore. Only towards the spirit of the American people that know that this zionist occupied government is only ramping up its hatred of white Christian Americans. The zionists only have to look at you and name you a terrorist in your own nation. They steal our wealth, they degenerate our people. They teach our children to hate themselves, to hate their fathers, to hate their ancestors and to hate their God. Little boys growing up to mutilate their bodies into horrifically warped, utterly satanic, shells of despair, while little girls grow up to hate their fathers and instead sell their bodies whether online or in real life.

    It’s not lost on me how the above statements make me come off as a evil preacher from a Jewish hollywood movie. So I only ask that you look at our youth. Seeing them in these disgusting forms and try not to feel hatred to those (((creatures))) who could have done this. It could make a strong man weep looking at his country’s children so distorted and sexualized.

    I have no idea what we would call our new nation once we detach ourselves from the United States, I only know that 75 million Americans, in the right direction, can create a more perfect union under a different nation with a better suited name. I want you all to know that the wonderful people who comment or view this in passing or the man who runs this much-needed website and writes these articles. You are all not alone. From this lonely loser writing these longer than needed comments, to the friend you maybe haven’t seen in a while, to your family who you love very much and would do anything to keep safe, to the patriots who stormed the roach infested capital building, to the at least 75 million strong who voted for a decent America, to possibly the person reading this and becoming next great man to lead our new nation, you are not alone. We have a great number of evens many more who still don’t know that they are needed to help establish our new nation.

    Stay strong. God is watching your actions and you will be judged on all the good you do here on Earth.

    1. Our government is not influenced by Zionists as you say. Joe Biden is probably the most antisemitic president in history and has tried to undo the Abrahamic Accords initiated by Trump. Zionists (unfortunately) have no influence on our government as shown by Biden’s efforts to suck up to the Iranians who are obsessed with Jew-hatred. Jews are not the problem, White liberals are.

  2. I feel the energy and spirit of Nix’s compelling comment and I would like to add something that should be pointed out. While it is clearly true that Caucasians are in fact being systematically ‘cancelled’ in the divided states of America (a fact that cannot be honestly denied by any observer), it is also true that one need not be a Caucasian to be cancelled, persecuted, denigrated and harassed in this God forsaken country that the USA has become. The truth is, -NO LIVES MATTER TO SATAN- and the creatures who are ostensibly in charge of the District of Columbia now are satanic, or in any event, have become subservient minions of that dark cult. To them, race, religion, creed, gender or age mean nothing to their cult… power and control means everything.

    I wanted to say this because there are many, MANY patriotic Constitutionalist red blooded American patriots and righteous Christian human beings who are not Caucasian. We, the REAL, people, are all on the same side in this epic battle between good and evil.

    I urge all visitors to this site to read the the new article in the Americanist Review at http://www.unitedcommunitiesofamerica.com (free at the online bookstore) I salute Nix and all true red blooded patriots in our common cause to rebuild OUR republic… a new nation under God with liberty and justice for ALL. May God bless our righteous cause.

  3. Further comment: The “volunteer state” of Tennessee is onboard with the convention of states initiative. (state legislative docs) I have personally conferred with TN reps., sheriffs and judges and other state officials and residents and can report with confidence that the majority of Tennesseans want to secede from the ‘divided states of America’ in order to rebuild a constitutional republic. The political holdouts in TN are in the democratic strong holds in Nashville and Memphis. No surprise, these are the principle immigrant and welfare areas. These cities, predominately run by socialists, are political exceptions of the general popular opinion in this state. – Just an update on the state of the secessionist movement in TN.

  4. Texas secession movement can adopt Bitcoin as a currency. That would make Texas the First Nation to decentralize away from a central bank. No reserve currency of the USD, and introduce transparency in financial transactions. Being a first mover will ensure its solvency without a gold standard, not that it means anything anymore. Texans will still manage to trade globally without trying to establish another fiat currency.

    The fiat USD will fail in hyperinflation with the continued printing. The printing will hold the USD up temporarily, but it is inevitable. Once people understand fiat currency and how central banks work, they will reject the debt. This will likely not happen until taxes, energy prices, and food shortages make it painfully clear. It will inevitably happen

  5. There is going to be an enormous opportunity to build products and services targeting conservatives one a dependable financial infrastructure is in place.

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