How you can get the movement rolling to separate from the blue states

Here’s the best way you can get the secession movement rolling:

Support our effort to make Idaho no longer land-locked.

Moving state borders is simple. It’s been dozens of times in the US: most recently, in 1961 the Minnesota/North Dakota border was moved.

We created a Facebook group called Greater Idaho to promote the idea of moving the Oregon/Idaho border, and many volunteers have signed up to help.

Now we want to put this idea to Move Oregon’s Border on the ballot in 19 counties in Oregon. But we need $50 per county to file each county’s petition committee with the IRS. We need your donation to make history. Out-of-state donations are OK. 

Filing these petitions will get us the media attention we need to grow. We already have enough volunteers to get on the ballot in a few counties.

To learn more about our plan, read this:

Barbi Martin is our treasurer for each committee. You can write a check to “Move Oregon’s Border” and mail it to her at:

Barbara Martin
PO Box 1294
La Pine, OR 97739

Let us know if you are sending a check so we can plan on using it as soon as we get it! We want to file ASAP. My email address is: secession at

On the chance that we might be required to report our donors to the state of Oregon, we are always required to ask our donors for their name, address, occupation, and employer.

Donations to a petition committee are not tax deductible. But you probably don’t itemize your income taxes anymore anyway, since the standard deduction was increased in 2017.

We can accept checks from corporations.

Thank you for your partnership,

Red-State Secession

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