How to Reverse the Electoral Dominance of Cities

The utility of voting is that deciding who rules by ballots involves less bloodshed than deciding who rules by bullets.  To the degree that each person is equally deadly, it makes sense to give them equal power at the ballot box.

But people in rural counties should be given more weight in governance because they are more deadly.  Their location gives them an advantage in military conflict, because rural areas control the land routes to and from a city. It doesn’t take many snipers to stop the flow of goods to and from a city by land, or even by airport.   They can anonymously sabotage utilities such as LNG lines, high voltage lines, water supply canals, etc.

“One man, one vote” as enshrined by the US Supreme Court in Reynolds vs Sims (1964) may seem “fair” but it is dangerous because it creates a huge gap between the electoral power of rural counties and their military power. This creates a temptation to exert military power to regain electoral power.   Preventing civil war is more important than fairness.

Before 1964, many states gave more state senate seats to rural counties than they do now.  For example, one state senate seat per county. But they all changed their state constitutions in slavish obedience to a few Leftist activists on the US Supreme Court who labelled them “racist.”  Apparently words like “racist” can really hurt more than sticks and stones.

This caused a tremendous leftward shift in the governance of those states, and increased the corruption.

It’s unrealistic at this point to expect that we could build the political power to convince a state to ignore the Supreme Court on this issue. Federal judges are still committed to the “one-man one-vote” principle for state senates, (although not for the US Senate since the US Constitution rejects that).

The solution is to secede from the USA and create a red-state federation so that states are free from the US Supreme Court. Then they can revise their state constitutions to give rural counties their proper voice.

Another solution is to move state lines so that rural counties can join rural states (or at least conservative states).  We have written several articles about this, and will release an article about moving Colorado state lines when we have time.

These two solutions can be combined:  After red states secede, red counties from blue states could join the red states.

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